the boy room

when we moved into our house, ty's dream came true of having his own "office". he worked hard on it and got it exactly the way he had envisioned. then we found out we were pregant again. for 9 months i joked with him that if it was a boy i already had a nursery all decorated and waiting. well, aren't all jokes really based on truth?

lucky for me, ty is an antique collector, and as you will see, the boy nursery is as macho as can be without screaming, "MACHO!"  and i like that kind of macho.  behold, rodney's nursery:
the only  quiet place in the entire house, rocking in that mammoth of a chair.
trent and tara gave us the dining curio- ty sanded it, painted it and removed the 70's barb wire grids in the windows.
 the dynamite box lid above the door is my favorite detail of the room
 name those baseball legends
 of course ty made and stained the shelves. it's sickening.
 antique fishing lures from great great grandpa rodney and uncle emerson
hanging on a dynamite box
 the sign my mother in law made from rodney's baby shower, i just couldn't get rid of it.
baseball heaven
ty finds mining treasures all the time. 
  and sadly, there is a dead beast in the room. 
and sadly, it's rodney's favorite thing to point and scream at.
 the freefiftyfree crib- phoebe sleeps in the other one. yes, we almost always have 2 cribs in the house.
cut out of the picture is the light switch (rodney's favorite toy to play with at bedtime.)
 right next to teddy ballgame

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Anonymous said...

Annie! Love Rodney's room. It seems so cozy and a good place to just sit and relax. I love all the treasures too! I love decorations with stories behind them.
Melissa F

P.S. Im to lazy to sign into my blog account so thats why Im anonymous

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