first day on an even year

i've always had this suspicion that my even years are much more pleasant than my odd years.  when i look back through the cobwebs in my head i can see stark examples. poor lucy, last years first day was awful. i was a tired, grumpy, frumpy mom with a newborn.

i'm still tired, grumpy and frumpy, but i don't have a newborn! WAHOOO!!!!!
and to celebrate the even year, we had 2 go to formal schooling this year. 
 abby leigh in kindergarten,
  and lucy in 2nd grade. (i remember 2nd grade quite vividly, HEADGEAR)
 look, someone dropped off these dirty, homeless children for me to watch all day. any takers?
lucy and her friend kayla

 joy school buds
abby and her friend are in the same kindergarten class, just like their dads. jara's dad is taller than ty, can you tell?

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