last minute trips

i have to admit publicly, last minute things freak me out now. i used to love the freedom of something spontaneous and last minute. one of my favorite memories from college is when my roommate carrie and i decided to go to jackson hole, wyoming and were out the door in 20 minutes. we stayed in a crusty hotel along the highway and both ordered revo styler's from an informercial.  hahahahaha. we both have frizzy curly hair and were sure our hairstyling issues were over.

but short trips now, that don't include something mandatory like a wedding, funeral or graduation? the idea that the packing and unpacking and laundry will take more of my time and effort than the trip itself literally keeps me at home.

luckily ty's parents gave us some free tickets to a Dodger's and we decided to go (thanks again!). it was nice not to have to pack everything this time. i put two outfits for the kids (just in case), and one for ty and me. lots of diapers (cuz you never know, you know), wipes and toys and we were off. we picked up ty at work, ate some lunch and drove like crazy to beat traffic.

the game? perfect. home runs, scores on both sides, great seats, great food, fireworks in left field afterwards. the kids were in heaven. i probably only saw 10 minutes of the game total. if i wasn't trekking back and forth for food or water, it was a bathroom trip. if i actually was sitting in my seat, i was so tired i just phased out and stared at the grassy outfield field or the 3rd baseman's butt. so green! so firm!

the kids were great and went to hog heaven on the free food. and boy, did we pay for it that night. i achieved 90 minutes sleep somewhere between sharing the bed with rodney, him throwing up on me 3 times, phoebe falling out of bed, abby waking up and puking, and all of us coughing with a terrible cold ALL NIGHT LONG.

and something must be off balance in our brains, because despite all of that  we still had a great time. we stayed the night in chinatown (we needed something as close to the stadium as possible, and it was). but after that night we walked around the block once to sight see, picked up some sweet halloween costumes and got in the car before anyone puked again (too late- abby barfed on the 210).

 us stalking andre etheir and his physical trainer.
 rodney wanted to walk up and down the stairs the entire game. 
see that ball he's holding? bobby abreu's brother gave it to phoebe. crazy huh?
 abby and phoebe were brave enough to ask for andre etheir's autograph. phoebe's voice was so cute, "will you please sign my ball?" she squeaked out while holding it in front of his face. he even chatted (or tried to) to the girls and it froze them solid.  a really nice player in my humble opinion. and easy on the eyes too. : )
 daddy and rodney were  in heaven.
rodney kept pointing and  saying. "baball, baball, baball, baball" and "ba, ba ba" (bat) 
he's officially brainwashed now.
 guess what? it was mexican independence day, so we were treated to watching fireworks on the outfield after the game. and we're not even mexican! i even got some new song ideas for zumba too.
 it was pretty cool to be able to touch the grass and walk out there. especially for the dudes.

 chinatown...was hot and sunny. the girls kept asking, "why are they holding umbrellas, it's not raining?" hahahaha. i loved the little old china men that just sat, smoked and people watched on the corner. i guess that's their retirement plan.
 something about palm trees in a straight line really calls to me. 

everyone went from kind of sick before the trip, to gosh awful sick afterwards. but as of tonight, we seem (please be true) to be on the up and up and i'm glad i went. it's nice to feel like we can go places now, but i really really really don't want to go anywhere for a long time.  i'm tired.


Melanie said...

What a fun quick road trip! Hope you are all on the mend...

Jenn said...

Looks like fun, sorry you were sick..... Your kids are going to be wanting to go back to Cali for bball games all of the time, I think you married into the right fam!

Unknown said...

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