seen and heard

last night, according to abby:

"phoebe, there are 4 stages to becoming a mommy and daddy"
i'm not even kidding you, this is word for word. at this point i thought, oh baby what is coming up next. i silently dress phoebe while abby talks.

"first, you wear diapers."
"next, you wear pull ups. everyone wears pull ups! i wore them! lucy wore them!"
"third, (she really used "third"), is underwear!"
"and then you wear daddy mommy underwear."

"you mean, my garments?" i asked.

"yeah!" abby says, looking at me.

and then under her breath, all The Middle style, she whispers, "i'm only one step away from mommy daddy underwear!"

today we went to the Fall Fiesta for St. John's church. Abby and Lucy tagged along while Ty and the babies did much needed yard work (we are preparing for Lucy's baptism!).  While there I ran into an old high school friend Aris and her family. It was such a pleasure to talk and catch up and watch our girls just become best friends in a matter of nanoseconds. Aris actually saved my bacon because I did a short Zumba presentation (i died, why do i sign up for these things?) and the girls wanted nothing to do with it!  Anyways, girls running around, having a blast and they keep winning prizes from the kids' games. Well....nearing the end of our visit Aris's baby girl (that is phoebe's twin) runs up with the happiest grin, and the ugliest, naked, dirty, anatomically correct baby i have ever seen in my entire life.  All the adults were just laughing. The kids were going, "there's a hole!" "what's that hole?" and i'm just dying inside. Luckily it was tossed in the trash by Deyanira before it scarred some other little kid's retnas.

*read this article today about being in more pictures for my kids. amen sista. i am horrible at this.
how was your weekend?

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Lara H. said...

Your kids are hilarious! P.S. Loved that article. I don't take enough pics with me in them either.

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