Doing too much?

Phoebe, Christmas morning last year
This is how i feel right now.

I helped out at school this week, taught Zumba and put up Christmas decorations and helped Ty with the house lights. You would think that wasn't very much wouldn't you? It sounds like a ding in the pan to me, compared to what other "moms" do.

But add it in to my daily schedule of dishes, making food, serving food, cutting food, forcing food, cleaning up food, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, laundry, playing, walks, swinging, phone calls, emails, planning, cleaning and then everything else repeated 10 times, and I'm pooped.

It made me think of this talk from a few years back, a talk that actually made a lot of mothers mad, but you know what? I totally agree. Putting up "christmas" and getting ready for "christmas" has been taking away time with my kids, time staying calm and collected, reading, taking it easy. It's downright maddening!  I can't imagine I'm the only mom who gets completely swamped this time of year, there is just too much to do in such a limited time, and stuff is only on sale for these 30 days! hurry hurry fast! And now there are moms who are having to have an "elf" tell their kids to behave, and texting Santa to tell them to be good.  Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. All I'm saying is if I'm doing so much that I can't keep my house orderly and play with my kids, I'm doing too much. In the end, what really matters? Family and home. Home and family.

In other news, have a great weekend! And enjoy this clip of Ty and his new "jump" he built in his spare time. Never mind the girls still don't have a closet, but that's a post for a different time. My mom always said, "choose your battles", and i would like to add, "choose your battles...wisely".

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Laurie Smith said...

I feel like I'm part of the club because I have sat in that beautiful red dirt on the back of one of those things! Ty, you are a real man!

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