in my little town

More often than not, I think about writing about our little town as I drive through it running errands. There is so much to love about it, and somedays, so much to laugh about too.

I definitely could devote an entire blog to all of the wonderuful, quaint, and strange things you will only see here in our town.

One of my favorite things is the Veteran's Day Parade (although, super short this year no?). Everyone lines up along main street and the kids bring empty bags to fill with disgusting candy. I love seeing people, and saying hello and reveling that absolutely every year it is freezing when it begins, and hot when it ends.  My favorite part of the parade is the Veterans, I always get a little somber, and the WHALE! It's this awesome 1967 motorhome, I love it. Until next year Veteran's day parade, time to get ready for Thanksgiving.
just the Stake Prez in front of the Sportsman's Bar. hahahaha
Dude, rodney. Did that wedgie hurt? There were a lot of old fogies drinking at 10am. (!)
um hello, we look like sisters here. What is a pregnant woman doing at a bar Danielle? Sheesh.

Some sights you'll love in our little town:
The Pioneer Theater
The Red Rooster
The Sportsman's (and I don't even drink!)
Glady's Beauty Salon sign (anyone else sad they tore that down?)
Tractors driving down the highway
People talking on their cell phones while driving tractors
People talking on their cell phones while riding horses (no joke)

Gary Marshall's breathtakingly huge, green and luscious front lawn Patriarch Charlie Pulsipher's house (I always peek at what flowers she has planted)
The Mortuary's flowers
A sweet hyundai with hay bales strapped and exploding out of the trunk
The tank (we have a tank!)
The Daughters of the Utah Pioneer's Building (or old Hospital, or first Stake Office)
The Old Catholic Church
The Senior Center Thrift Store
Old Logandale Schoolhouse

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Lauren said...

Great tribute post! Oh our little town is growing and changing. You named some goodies!

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