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phoebe, 2012

We are enjoying the holidays full throttle around here, and the fact that daddy is home for 5 days in a row! Every night we light a fire and spend time together watching a movie or finishing up to do lists listening to music. I stayed up till 2am wrapping a few days ago, so I am done and can exhale.

I also minimised what I am doing and giving this year and am enjoying is 100%. No neighbor gifts. No baking sessions, which the girls' haven't seemed to mind. No last minute gift purchases, just peace and family time (notice i didn't say quiet?). 

This is also our first year without a credit card, and although things are difficult to get used to, it is making this Christmas much more enjoyable. I would say 1,000 times more enjoyable, but I am an exaggerator. 

And thanks to Grandma Curtis, we made our annual gingerbread houses and the girls' haven't touched theirs once, at least not that I've noticed. (we wait until New Year's day to break them apart and eat them). They are 100% edible, and fantastic.

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