an ounce of prevention is worth...

christmas morning last year...
For over a month I have been pumping our family full of vitamins, probiotics and echinacea. Trying so hard to keep away the sickies. And of course, i thought that cleaning and mopping more would keep us less germ attacked. But I got sick last week, and now lucy has little cold (really i should just stop talking right now).  I'm done though, no more sick kids, sick days, tv marathons. NO more!!!!!

And we haven't even been that sick this year, but it seems as though I tell people we are sick they reply, "again?". Ugh, i guess we are the "sick" family. Oh well.

ps- we went and sang christmas songs to some of our elderly friends last week, and the girls even accompanied with the piano (2 chords!). Abby had so much fun that she has asked to go back every day since. For our Christmas service she wants to visit more "old people that don't have kids". ha! i think she likes the non-competition clause that comes with that scenario.

pps- anyone looking to give me that amazing gift? i really would like one of these calligraphy address stamps. beautiful!
and last but not least, my baby boy turned 18 months this morning. How on Earth did that happen?

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Anonymous said...

I feel like we are "the sick family" with so many of us it's rare that at least half of us aren't sick when germs visit our house. Last winter I think they put us on the inactive list ;)

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