Christmas Wishes

 Christmas '06
Christmas '05

I wish we got two days of snow every year in our Valley.
I wish that I can give heartfelt presents to all that we love and care about this year.
I wish that we won't get pink eye (it's raging all over!).
I wish that I could spend Christmas evening with all of my siblings.
I wish that Ty could surprise me with one Christmas present, (he hasn't surprised me in years).
When i woke up this morning, I realized all I really want for Christmas was fruit trees, nut trees, chickens, a chicken coop, a small garden and a goat.

Oh, and to not have the stomach flu tomorrow, or any of my kids either.

Do you think this is all too much to ask for?

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Courtney B said...

Okay, I'm totally not a stalker! (But I guess I kind of am... being a blogger and all :) ha ha)
I know some Leavitt's from the valley! I wonder if you're related!?

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