fear and faith

trying not to ask the "why's" about the Connecticut tragedy this past week is difficult for me. I'm not a cryer, so my kids don't really know how much has been going through my mind every night and day. Picking them up from school,  watching all the little kids play in the playground. Walking through the elementary school halls, seeing all those blessed teachers giving their lives and hearts to all those tiny children. It's sobering and humbling and absolutely terrifying. 

Last night Ty kept the girls up a little later to play Candyland with them before bed. Just 20 simple minutes, and it made his day with them that much sweeter. We are trying to say prayers together every morning, kissing and hugging and 'iloveyou'ing more. Softer replies, kinder faces, quiet happy homes. I believe our homes are one of the most sacred places for our children, where they can grow up strong and safe and happy. 

I haven't had the heart to see all the faces of the victims yet, I saw a few and my spirit just shattered. Those are my children, my sister (1st grade teacher), my nieces and nephews, neighbors, primary children, community. It's just too much for me right now. But I do know this, there is a God and He still loves us. 

Here are found a few articles that Have helped me with all of this:

other than this post, i have one of our Christmas card and then I'm taking a break for the holidays.

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