right this very minute

i think one of the greatest lessons i have been trying to learn these past 2 years is living in the present. being aware of what is going on and being there for the people and things around you. no more wishing, or wanting, or waisting my time pining for more or different.

today was abby's class Christmas presentation, and it was perfect. the angelic kindergarteners were on their best behavior (as always, their teacher is amazing) and sang wonderfully. i didn't stop smiling the entire time. I love my children, i love our school, i love our teachers we've had, I also love that tomorrow is the last day of school for two weeks. My own Christmas spirit has been full these past few days.

Quite the turn around from a few weeks ago wouldn't you say?

 abby and our favorite mrs. h
 my baby abby
 jara and abby
a little glimpse of my mornings with phoebe and rodney. phoebe's new attention trick? being pouty, shy and quiet (hey aunt sarah, where'd she learn that one?)

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