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dear little blog, i have been neglecting you. in my defense, it is the holiday season and it takes a lot of time and energy making things jolly and bright. i've found myself slowly warming up and feeling little bits of Christmas cheer and goodwill all every now and then.

first, the Christmas cards. nothing says I love you, I care about you, you are my friend, more than something in the mail. of course i'm old fashioned at heart, but no matter how digital this world gets, nothing compares to a handwritten card of friendship. we've received several Christmas cards and i just smile and beam seeing the name on the sender corner, and opening it, and having the girls clamor all over me to go, "who is it?" "oh! it's them!", and we all ooh and ahh and then i place them somewhere where i can look at them lovingly throughout the day. and of course, our cards won't be mailed out till the end of next week, i'm awesome like that.

secondly, the little gifts. the sweet bread from a friend, cake bites for the kids, an emergency first aid kit for our car (best gift ever!), and today perfect little ornaments from my friend Emily. i was so proud to tell Lucy, these are from my friend Emily, and we met when we were 8 too! little things like this make my heart grow liek the grinch, there are wonderful people out there, there is so much love out there, we just have to show it.

we read The Paper Bag Christmas, on our annual 'cut down the tree trip', out loud. my parents gave it to all of the kids, with money to give service to others. we have been brainstorming on how to spend it and who to give to, and it's been fun watching the girls think out loud. the main part of the story that i like, is that none of the gifts involved money, people gave of themselves, which is, after all, the only true gift we can really give. man, i'm getting sappy here.

anyways, the Christmas music, wrapping presents for the kids has been fun.  watching the girls every morning make a mad dash for the advent calendars.  waiting for Sarah to come down from Utah (sqweeeee!), planning a trip into town with the kids (we think they are old enough this year, crossing fingers). looking at lights, dance recitals, music class break, class parties, pajama days, Christmas parties, watching movies together, spending time with family that is in town. it is all wonderful and glorious and merry and bright. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The Terril's joined us this year for our tree cutting, i think it's tradition now. 

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