6 years abby!

 these balloons looked really awesome in the morning when she woke up, not so much later on...
 abby was so quiet during all of it...i hope she was happy (that middle child syndrome runs strong with her)
 aunt taryn helped her with most of the presents,
 along with the other kids
 these pictures make me really tired of my white walls
 this boy loves crowds and parties, he just wandered around all night entertaining people and mooching their food.
our babysitter jenni and abby- poor jenni, she loves those kids so much she even suffers through our crazy family parties.

i can't believe little abby leigh is six. usually it feels like it was just yesterday! that they were born. but this was the first time that six years felt like almost a century ago. we are so grateful for our special abby. more of her birthdays here:



Cathy said...

What a cutie. My son just turned 6 and I'm really loving this age. I'm also really loving your blog, even though my comments are few and far between. So thanks.

Annie Leavitt said...

Thanks Cathy! 6 really is a good age

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