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peek a boo with rodney after zumba
*for the first time in my life, i've come close to completing my resolutions. last year's was to keep up with the laundry and clean the house, and to eat better. done and done. my house, is semi clean during the day, (which is pretty good considering how much foot traffic we have) and picked up every night and my eating is 100 times better than it's ever been. i am, of course, omitting the last 2 weeks of slipping off the sugar wagon. let's just pretend that didn't happen mmkay?

*i don't like to say resolutions, but i do like to have some goals for this 2013 (which i hate odd years, by the way).  one of them is waking up to the alarm clock on weekdays, instead of Rodney's serenading squawks from his crib.

*i gifted ty Moonrise Kingdom for Christmas, and we have watched it a lot. I won't even tell you how much, but we love it more and more each time

*i love teaching zumba, dancing 3 times a week really helps me stay happy and a good mom. but sometimes i get tired of being the teacher. everyone is always watching YOU. so, yeah, if you're a little squidgy over Christmas, everyone gets to see it.  most of the time lately i've been completely content with how i am right now, my clothes fit and i feel strong and happy. and then everyone once in awhile i want the scale to say a lower number, or to look really trim and toned, and that just makes me freak out. no joke, if i start planning on getting thinner, i automatically start eating everything in sight. what is up? i did finally find some time and made it back to a pilates class tonight. my sister in law teaches it, and it's a great class, but CRAP, i hate it. in a good way of course, i love the results, hate the work!

*rodney is talking more and more all the time and it's great. we also found out what his rattle is from, (he has this weird, whistling rattle, snoring, breathing thingy) his adenoids are too large and need to come out so he can get better sleep. he gets so exhausted, his latest bed time is 5:30. no joke, he cannot handle any later than that, and he wakes up at 7am. but we pay for it in the day, he is cranky and temperamental once he gets tired.

*we have been having a great and relaxing Christmas break. I'll be sad to have school start back up and get back on the schedule train, but happy too. Summer break is only 5 months away.

What are your goals or resolutions? Anyone else abhor odd years like me?

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Kay Hardy Barlow said...

idk about "odd" years, but the year "13" is freaking me out just a little. I have three kids of "marriagable" age, and although there is nothing on the horizon I'm just a little bit worried that one of them might get married in
"13" and have an UNlucky marriage.

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