seen and heard: january

tuesdays i rotate helping out at Abby's kindergarten class. it is the highlight of my week, i love her classmates and teacher and always come home with fun stories. yesterday they were taking "surveys" with tally marks. each kid had a question to ask to count up answers. for example, do you like "apples or oranges?", "pizza or spaghetti?".  what was abby's question?

"what do you like better, pea soup or brownies?"

guess how many kids said pea soup? ha!

*little known fact* abby actually loves pea soup, it's her favorite dinner.

yesterday lucy asked, "how many years until phoebe starts kindergarten?"
"hmm, i think 2 or 3" i answered.

"yeah, she can't start school yet, she doesn't even know what a racoon is!"

rodney is obsessed with gloves, and i mean obsessed with a capital O.  he cannot see one without going into complete body convulsions and screaming "love! love! love!" until he gets it on his hand. it was cute at first, now i'm starting to worry.

ty came home from work and phoebe was sitting on his lap. he starts singing out of nowhere, "why are all my homies dissin my girl?!"  hello? who knows what that song is? it's from the 90's he says, i swear i've never heard it before. he can crack me up sometimes.  *little known fact- ty sings lots of old songs to the girls.

(this is one of his favorites)

*update! He was singing "buddy holly" by weezer

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