the almost, near perfect date

Our dates have been few and far between since before the holiday season, so it has been nice to have two dates in two weeks. Last week, we almost had the best date in our 15 year history. It was almost fate that Rodney barfed all over our babysitter while we were gone, because if he hadn't, it would by far be the best date and then how do you top that you know? I always take Calvin's advice and keep low expectations, that way you're always happy.

Seeing as Ty doesn't talk in public settings, remember this?  Our dates are merely nice because we are out of the house and away from the energy sucking mess makers we call our children; but dinner and a movie ends up getting kind of boring after awhile, and we don't bond over any of that. Anyways, long story short, last week we were going to go "out" Saturday night but Ty surprised me and did all the dishes and got the kids ready so we could go on a "date hike" instead.

I'm so glad that he did.

We had the best time, despite it being a 6hr hike up and down a mountain, (the last hour was with flashlights, climbing down boulders). This was not a labeled hike my friends, so I had to follow every step he took. Luckily he has been around that place so much he knew exactly that one canyon is a dead end and the other is covered in slippery shale.

Ty and I are both in our element outdoors, and he couldn't stop talking. I was in heaven! I usually ahve to bribe him to talk with balk rubs (if he stops talking, i stop massaging).  Besides the gorgeous views of Valley of Fire and Lake Mead, we even saw 27 bighorn sheep along the way, and I was the closest to them i ever have been. The best part about the hike? Ty thought I would get tired, but I didn't get winded once (go zumba!). But my upper back was so sore from scaling down those boulders. Our dinner? Homemade jerky, nuts, apple slices and a shared power bar. Talk about fancy.

Don't mind my stolen sweatshirt from Junior year of High School- it's my go to comfort one.

Seven ewes watched us for forever
Can you see the sheep?

Don't worry, before you start thinking about how perfect our dates and lives are, we fought just this afternoon about Sunday dinners and then Ty tacked up a Babe Ruth pinto bean sack on our master bedroom wall because he thinks everything is "too girly". Yeah, we've got our issues.

*ps* this year is our 10th anniversary, and i've been feeling quite nostalgic. Something about 10 years makes it all feel very real. Doesn't that sound stupid?

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