Our story: the Love word

In honor of our tenth anniversary, i'm writing down "our story":
part one
part two
part three

There are three words every girl wants to hear, and then when it happens it freaks you out. Right? It did me. Ty told me he loved me first (I know!). A few weeks, a month after Junior year started? I don't know, remember it was 15 years ago? Tyson drove me home one night and I said, "You know? I think I like you a lot". And that handsome stud of a boy who never talks said, "I think I love you a lot."

Just like that, the L word. I was aghast. I couldn't say anything, I just kissed him goodnight and went inside. That quiet boy said he loved me! I think I was definitely in the liking phase by then. But love? I didn't think I was quite there yet.

I knew I really liked him, and enjoyed dating him. But love? This wasn't in my master plan. Yes, I had a master plan. Before 15 it was to become a principal dancer at ABT. After 16 it was to go to BYU, meet my husband, get married and live in a city (preferably Chicago, thank you very much). He would wear a suit and be an accountant or doctor, and I would be the quintessential suburbia soccer mom.

But loving and marrying a small town boy? No ma'am.

And then something happened, we kept dating. I kept liking him more and more, and more and more. Heaven help me, is this love? I couldn't decide, until that spring. I had a horrible tonsillectomy and recovery. I'm talking horrible people, like couldn't eat solids for weeks, or talk, and when I did I sounded like Chewbacca and my breath could kill a large mammal. I've never smelt anything as defiled as that, ever. I couldn't' go to school, I hadn't showered, things were not pretty. My mom came in one night and as she helped me eat I lamented that after that first day home, no one had come to see me. She looked at me quizzically and said, "Didn't you know Tyson was here today?". "He was?" I asked. I didn't remember it at all (Stupid Codein). "Honey, he's been here every day at lunch time. He doesn't eat anything,  he just comes and sits here and then goes back to school".

That's when I knew. Any 17 year old boy that would come every day and watch my slovenly state sleep in sickness was a boy I could love. And I did, I fell madly in love with him.

So now we were both in love. And 17 year old practicing Mormons. Which meant there was nothing to do about it. If that isn't a trial I don't know what is. We both knew we would marry in the temple, so getting jiggy with it wasn't in the cards.  Oh, those were difficult years, and I would never wish that upon anyone. Knowing you were in love, and that you want to marry that person (but not dare saying it out loud) and also knowing that there was 5 years at least until you could marry and actually "love" each other. Oi vey. That might be a special place in hell, right next to the "perpetually pregnant and moving houses" section.

Anyways, long story short, we survived. We beat the odds, and went through a lot of suffering so that Lucy isn't 13 years old. And THAT is why I don't ever want my kids to fall in love in high school. Romantic in theory, practically impossible in practice.

Sometimes I'm glad we entered love so early, just because our friendship grew so strong early on. Because the hand holding and kissing took forever we were friends first. He has, and still is my best friend for 15 years. But we have a lot in common, and I thought and still think his life was fascinating. And vice versa.

He was the country boy, I was the city girl. He introduced me to Crusty Demons of Dirt,  NOFX and offroading.  I exposed him to Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band and Shakespeare.

A match made in heaven.
Oh my, how on earth did we actually turn out?
We were pretty stingy for using the L word over the next years until marriage. Special occasions, hard times, but not every day. Not in passing, not over the phone or in public. Now that we are married? Every single day, multiple times a day depending on what's going on. Every since our friend Shawn passed when we were 25, Tyson has never left for work without waking me up and telling me he loves me. You just never know.



I was looking at old photos and came across this one of baby Wodney, and my heart melted.
If I had told my former self, how much I would love my children and husband.
I don't think I would have believed it.

Even though it's far from perfect, it's more than I ever imagined.

"To love another person is to see the face of God." Les Miserables 


Our Story: the first kiss

Like a pebble gaining speed as it tumbles down a hill, so went the momentum of my feelings for that shy kid. He was kind and funny in a quiet way and the more and more we hung out the more he would talk. I was obsessed with him, and all my other cares and worries went out the window.

There was a problem with this boy though, besides the excess of stickers in his truck. 3 weeks after our first date he still had NOT HELD MY HAND. I know, I know, what was he thinking? Seriously though, I really liked this guy and he was not making any moves whatsoever. Completely against any romantic comedy/drama I had ever watched. Years later I look back and think it shows some of his greatest strengths, patience and self restraint. Either that or he was scared out of his mind like I was.  I wasn't ready or willing to make the first move, so I waited and waited and waited.

So finally, a bunch of us,  were driving up to Ginny Lewis' house in Moapa to go swimming. Ty drove his parents green and silver (gold?) suburban and I sat up front right next to him. This was it! The moment. I carefully, placed my hang on my thigh and waited. And sure enough, by the time we were coming off the off ramp to Glendale I felt his hand brush up against mine. Even now, telling this story on line, for the entire world to read, I can't put into words that feeling.

Electricity shot up my fingers and hands and kept going all the way up my arms. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. I had never felt someones hands that were so rough before either, or humongous. His dry cracked skin didn't bother me though, as he held my hand and rubbed it with his thumb. Oh kill me now! I would die a happy woman! It was amazing.

Once we were out of the car around other people though? No hand holding, he still doesn't like to hold my hand in public. I guess he just likes to keep me all to himself right? Riiiggght. We puttered around at the party and I remember meeting Ginny's little twin sisters (Cate! Candi! Do you remember this?)  But I was itching to just drive home already! Finally it was time to go home, and needless to say, we held hands the entire car ride home also.

That summer was busy one full of work for both of us. Soccer camp, football camp, track n' field camp, girls camp and scout camp was coming up at the beginning of August.

And guess what? No first kiss yet. Again, I patiently, patiently and patiently waited for this boy to kiss me. Funny, this patience with him runs out over the years (insert engagement story here).
But the hand holding continued to be fantasmic so I wasn't too worried. Scratch that, I was going bat crap crazy. I remember driving down to visit Grandma Gold with my mom and just bawling in the car because I was worried that when he finally did kiss me it would stink. And then what would I do with this amazing catch of a guy? Toss him back in?

Considering my previous kissing experiences were as a dare and one behind a bush by the movie theater, which were both slobbery and awful, I was getting really nervous. My mom assured me that if you really do care for someone, it doesn't matter if they aren't a good kisser, you won't notice. That calmed me down a bit. And lo and behold, as soon as I came back from Phoenix we went and hung out with friends, he drove me home in the truck (Which from hereon will be called "the ghost"). He was leaving for Scout camp for a week so we were a little sad. I sighed a little and said, "well, good night" and all of a sudden something smacked my face. I flinched, of course, and when I opened my eyes I realized he had just kissed me, and... it was awful.  I know you think I'm horrible for admitting this, but it was! I had braces and when you smack someone like that it's going to cause some damage people. I laughed a little and said, "what was that?" OH! I was and still am a horrible human being. That poor innocent boy, I ruined him forever. I think that was the last spontaneous romantic thing he has ever done. Cut him down to the quick I did.  Of course he didn't say anything back, and I said, "We'll try that again when you get home."

I went in the house feeling miserable. Not only was it an awful kiss but I had hurt his feelings on top of it all. I think I barely slept that night.

Years later I found out from Ty that he was happier than when he got his first four wheeler that night and entire week. He had kissed a girl! I'm glad I didn't scare him away that night.

A week later, the Saturday before the first day of school our Junior year a group of us went to St. Thomas to have a bonfire and swim. Back then, the lake was high enough that St. Thomas was just a ledge of land surrounded by the lake. It was a hot august night and the moon was full and round and bright.  Ty and I snuck away from the crowd and went for a swim. Even though it was a hot day, it was a little chilly in the water. I started shivering a little, and ty pulled me close to him. What happened next is between the two of us, and... Ben Flynn. I'm pretty sure he watched the entire time. ha. But it was the best first kiss a girl could ask for (when i delete the scout camp one of course). There in the moonlit water, held in his big strong arms, I was kissed (very well, I might add) by that boy. I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for us. The summer was ending, school was beginning, we both almost 17 and completely infatuated with each other.

That year was full of Homecomings and sports, Prom and four wheeler riding and cliff jumping and swimming and off roading. It was also entirely full of too much kissing now that I'm a mother.
Chandra thought she was so funny writing that.
That windy spring was when I would fall in love with Tyson. Soon after this picture was taken...


our story: the first date

After that infamous swim suit meeting, the next week at school was very different. I started looking for that tall shy kid. In History class I moved a few rows over and sat behind him (bold I know!). In PE he would look over, and smile when I saw him.  One time he even sat down in the weight room and said "hi". Swoon.  He was a regular Casanova.

After school we started seeing each other a ton. A bunch of us, were all of a sudden, always hanging out.  He had an entire posse of friends who always followed Ty's doings. We went fishing in the river, we would hike over to their "fort" that they built during basketball season. Four-wheeler rides, off roading in either his truck or my suburban.  He would tell me to call him when I got home from school, so I would, and just writing this down I'm remembering why I don't often tell our "story". We were BABIES. If I find anything embarrassing, it's admitting that we were "high school sweethearts". I don't know why, it just does.

If I could find a magic lamp with a genie inside I would give just one wish, "my kids will not date until college". And in a few posts you will understand why, and no, not in some kind of sordid risqué way. Sheesh, your minds.

So, hanging out every day after school, yada yada yada. My memories of those times are becoming hazy. I thought he was cute, and he was always kind. His friends were fun to hang out with and he always had great stories to tell. Anywhere we would go in our Valley he would say, "this one time...". Or "my grandpa...." or "we crashed/camped/shot something here..." It was fascinating. All of a sudden this small, strange town felt like a wonderful Mayberry and I had Opie to hang out with. He knew everyone and everything and if he didn't someone in his family did.

On May 25th, the phone rang later in the afternoon. I was in my mom's bathroom and my sister brought in the phone, "It's him!" she whispered while covering the receiver with her hand. I got all excited and flustered and answered the phone. "Hey, a bunch of us are going to the movie tonight, do you want to go?"  he asked.

"Oh man, I wish I could, but it's my sisters birthday party" I answered. No big deal, I thought. We could hang out later.

"oh, um, ok." he stammered back. See you tomorrow.

"ok, see you tomorrow" I answered.

I put the receiver down on the bathroom counter and it instantly rings. "Hello?" I answered.

"Annie!", it was Shawn. Seems like he was always shouting that at me.
"What?!" I asked.
"He's asking you out on a date!" he shouted over the phone. See?
"What? Oh! I didn't know, oh, um, it's my sisters birthday party though. Hold on,"- I motioned to Sarah and whispered "He's asking me out on a "date" tonight!". Her face lit up, "Go go! I'll have tons more birthdays!"
"Shawn?" I asked, "I didn't know it was a date. I can go."
"Ok, he'll pick up you up at ..." I can't remember the time.

You'll have to excuse me if the details are fuzzy, it was almost 15 years ago. And I just realized that next year I will have been dating my husband for half of my life. Insert Twilight Zone music.

After I had primped and lotioned and make-up'd and preened, I heard a deep rumbling outside of my house. A very loud and deep rumbling. A grey and bondoed up 1970 Ford short bed pick up truck was in my driveway. Pay close attention my friends, this truck plays a vital role in "our" story. It's actually sitting in my driveway as I type. Sometimes I refer to it as "the other woman" in our relationship, but only when I'm really tired and cranky.

I digress, the door knocks. In walks my tall, squeaky clean great gatsby date. Sometimes I wish he still had that sweet hair cut. He meets Dad, he meets Mom, we awkwardly walk out to the truck. He lets me in, and slams the door. Don't worry, you still have to slam that door to get it to stick right. The dome light was on and it was...red. Hmmm, strange I thought.  I could see all the stickers on his dashboard. Fox, Edelbrock, Ford, Calvin peeing on something, LBZ, and others.  Hmm, strange again. We drove the 5 minutes down the boulevard and were at our date. The Pioneer Theatre.

If you've never been to our little town, when you do come, you must watch a movie at the Pioneer. It is quaint, and old, and has red velvet seat cushions and red velvet wall covering. The sound quality is horrible and the screen is poor, but it is perfect, all the way down to the plastic rope lighting in the aisles. The wood paneling in the lobby is lovingly adorned with some of the most beautiful men in the entire world. Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, John Wayne (wait, sorry, he's not hot at all). There are others, but I always just wink at Steve when I'm there. And yes, they are STILL there. Thank goodness, I'll cry when they take them down. We ordered popcorn and a drink and sat down next to Chandra and Shawn. The lights go off, the music swells, the movie starts.

Can I just say something? City of Angels had to be the worst first date movie in the world. The only good part is it was filmed at Lake Tahoe so I could whisper to Ty that I had been to most of those places. Other than that? Snooze fest and awkward town. Nothing like watching people make out and die to make a first date when you are 16 horrible. We sat there frozen like mummies for 90 minutes. He didn't hold my hand, which was ok. I was really nervous about that happening anyways. When it ended we whispered a few stupid things, chuckled and he drove me home.

I still liked this cute boy. But those dash stickers had me a little worried.

Next installment: The summer of dating...and maybe a first kiss


Wherein I give up being a hippie and embrace chemicals

Things have changed since we moved here.

A lot of things.

When I first walked into our home it was going to be a healthy house! Organic! Chemical free! No plastic! All glass! No non stick!

And then life happened. We broke all 12 glasses in 2 years and 5 plates AND my favorite serving dish. I hate tile by the way, in case you ever wanted to know.

I shopped and shopped for area rugs for our family room. I finally purchased an organic 10'x14' woven rug with red stripes. I loved it! It was different and bold and a statement piece! The kids? Well, it was scratchy, so very scratchy. Not big fans at all.

And then it started to fall apart, and wouldn't let go of stains. And then it really fell apart. And so with blessed tax return money we ripped out 8x10 area of tile and installed carpet.

Heavenly, plushy, chemical laden boring carpet.

And I'm in love.


Our story: how we met

In honor of our tenth anniversary this year I thought I'd share "our" story. Well, our story so far.

Every couple gets asked the age old question: "So, how did you meet?"

The first time I saw Ty was the first day of school sophomore year. I walked into Mr. Tusler's English class, and there, in the first aisle a few chairs back was a brown eyed boy with brown great gatsby hair and a big nose. He looked up at me right when I was looking at him. We both looked away after our eyes met. (How cliche!)

The first time Ty saw me was a few hours earlier in history class (I didn't see him in that class for some reason). Being a small town, he noticed the new brown haired, blue eyed girl right away. He even remembers my j.crew sweater vest I wore over my white Gap cap Sleeved tshirt. Yes, I was sweating to death as it was 100* that day. Oh the hours stressing about what to wear. Where did those years go?

The first time we actually met though?
Didnt happen until a month before school ended. ( I know right? Weird)

It was the end of track and baseball season and I had a new friend from track Chandra who was dating Shawn Sandoval. Shawn and Ty were friends and during baseball season Shawn found out that Ty thought I was cute. (Or so I've been told). I was interested in a few other guys but hadn't dated anyone that year (ok, fine, i'd never dated anyone before, happy?) And so our two matchmakers arranged for a meeting.

After a scorching school day Chandra and I drove to the reservoir to swim. Shawn was meeting us there (or went with us, I can't remember) and after a few minutes a four wheeler pulled up. I think Shawn said something along the lines of "Hey Ty! Come swim with us." At the same time Chandra asked, "you know Tyson from school?" I think I said, "yeah, isn't he that quiet kid?" Hahahaha. If I only knew then.

At that age (we were both 16 1/2) I was into funny, gregarious guys and I wasn't that in to shy guys with big shnozes. So I wasn't expecting to like this Tyson very much.

And then...well...he...um...he took off his shirt to go swim with us. How do I put this delicately for our posterity? I just can't. Heaven help me, he had a gorgeous six pack. He had been hiding underneath that XL fox shirt the entire gosh darn school year.

The four of us spent the next hour swimming and swinging off the tree swing. I went home delirious. No, he hadn't spoken more than a few sentences to me, but he took me for a fourwheeler ride and he smelled perfect. After that day I was very interested in getting to know that shy, quiet kid from my classes.

Very interested indeed.

*We had three classes together that school year, english, history and phys ed. I had PE and he had weight training. He said he always stared at my legs when we'd run laps. That little perve. 

**Chandra is still one of my very best friends and Shawn is still one of Ty's best friends, he tragically passed away in 2007.


things we like: let's play music

our two oldest are in their second year of the "Let's Play Music" program, and I have have have have to write a post about this program.

We love it.

A couple friends recomended it to me when we first moved here, but I was pregnant and not willing to add something else new to the mix. So we waited, and started last year.

Here's the thing: this is  not your normal music/piano class. There is a LOT of parental involvement, which at first I totally balked at. I have to go to every other class? I have to make them practice? ugh. So I went to class and (was really really really crappy at) made them practice. We endured the first year, I thought it was "ok".

Sidenote, I was in postpartum depression for the entire school year also.

Then we started this year, ok, I can do this. I only have to go to class once a month. But we practice every single school morning. I sit down with them and help them and we get it done...consistently. I am pretty impressed that this has happened in our lives.

So, we are in the second year and IT IS AMAZING.  I can not write enough praise for the program, and our teacher Stephanie.  I am learning just as much as the girls are and I took 6 years of piano growing up and multiple music classes in college. The coursework is flawless, they start with the basics and grow each lesson effortlessly and seamlessly and the girls have fun!

No one complains about playing the piano! Or practicing! Or doing their homework! They both love it and have fun.

This is no small miracle.

They now can play on both hands on the piano, are learning clefs and all the key letters and chords. It's awesome. And I know now why I go once a month, it's important for me to know what they are learning and working on for practice every day.

With the 3 year program, when a student finishes, they are prepared to play any instrument of their choosing. Or, if no instrument, they have a solid music background for their entire life. And for me, that is essential.

In our little town programs for the "arts" are pretty sparse, I am so pleased to have the girls learning a great art basis just 5 minutes from our house. And our teacher Stephanie is always prepared and organized and ready. She is great with the kids and keeps them motivated. She is also very professional and I respect that, professional is hard to come by in a small town. I enjoy going to class and am grateful for how much she gives to each and every class.Thank you Stephanie!

Anyways, if you are looking for giving your kids a great music foundation, I highly recommend Let's Play Music. It is a big investment of time and money, but one that I feel is entirely worth it.

There's my plug for the day. Look up Let's Play Music in your area, it's great.



the boy who lived

4 years ago Ty and I sat in a waiting room for our annual Temple Recommend interview. A little girl was waiting for her mom to return, and was immersed in a big fat book. I looked and noticed it was Harry Potter, i think number five or six.  I looked at Ty and thought to myself, I want to have readers like that. 

Ty and I have different opinions on reading. He, likes to read, and goes through about 2-3 books a year. You can often find his books in our bathroom (hehe).  I on the other hand love to read (although compared to my siblings I'm a lightweight in reading) and it is essential to who I am. This is where I put in that I majored in ballet at college, and then switched to English Literature when I only had 20 credits left (i know). My emphasis was on New England authors, just in case you wanted to know that. I only took one children's lit class, but it reemphasized what I learned at home: Reading to a child means everything. Personally, it means more to me than you'll ever want to know, just get me started on the subject in person. You'll regret it. 

Long story short (too late), we read a lot to our kids. I make a lot of horrific parenting mistakes daily, but reading we hit on the head. (Except Rodney, poor dude's gonna be a dumb jock for sure)

Fast forward to last year when she came home DYING to read Harry Potter. and when I say dying i mean dying. "But mom!" she pleaded, "Sam is reading it!" (thank you kathryn bolton)  

I kept my stance of no. She had many other books that were wonderful that I wanted read first. We printed off this list and she eagerly ate her way through it hoping for Harry!  The other thinged I learned in children's literature class? Reading for children is a lot like a relationship, meaning: you don't just hop back to holding hands from making out. Does that make sense? How on earth could I get her to read Charlotte's Web after harry potter? Never mind, Charlotte's Web is one of my favorite children books of all time. 

Guess what? She never finished the list. This year her enthusiasm fizzled. She would read the same favorite books over and over instead of new novels. So I had an idea, Ty and her read a chapter a night of HP, (I've already read the series 4 times, and ty none) together and see how she likes it. Well, the little stink took it to school and read 2 chapters away from home. And finished it in 6 days. And #2 in 6 days and now #3 is almost finished. She loves them, and don't worry, this is a complete bragging post in case you were still wondering.

Can I tell you, as a mother, you hardly ever, ever, ever, ever, get heart warming and wonderful bonding experiences with your kids once they can't sit in your lap? (maybe it's just me...crickets)  But laughing and talking about these books and characters that I have loved and adored and read over and over again at different points in my life with my very own child,  was one of them. A dear moment that I hold in my heart now for all the hard moments, and we have our share. But I am proud of her, and so grateful for something fun that we can share together. 

almost done with number one


grandpa's coat trick

I hope my family doesn't mind (i'm pretty sure they don't), but if you live in colder climates and have more than one child, this is going to save you a lot of time.

This is how we all learned to put on our jackets, thanks to my dad, and his dad. I wonder where Grandpa learned it? (now i'm thinking that my Dad invented it? i can't remember. something about having 4 kids in 5 years in those cold Chicago winters)

Phoebe is always happy to show off her skills. Sorry for the poor quality. And that her hair is never done (mom) and that she is actually putting on Rodney's coat. ha.

1. place jacket on the ground facing away from child
2. have them put their arms in,
3. they flip it up and over their heads and voila! it's on without your help at all.

You're welcome.


Bla bla bla

Some crappy things:
My iPhone broke
Sick all weekend
Rodney clingy clingy clingy
Updating our budget (holy cow all the money is gone before it comes)

Some good things:
The kids were good for me
Cuddling with Rodney
We made a tent and the girls stayed in it all day and overnight!
Free phone replacement coming
Good book reading weekend
Short visits with friends
Les miserables soundtrack


my wants have changed

I always wanted to be a boy growing up. In my mind the pros outweighed the cons by a landslide.

Able to pee outdoors in a snap? -check
Cool boyscout campouts versus girls scout paper mache globes? check
easy haircuts, hairdos and clothing options? check
no drama, backbiting or gossiping? check
no fashion woes? check
sports teams that actually work hard? check (my favorite soccer teams were co-ed)
no bras, periods or mood swings? check (or pretending that you knew what any of those things were for year after year-i was, (ahem),  a  late bloomer)

And then, the eventual happened and I grew up. I'm no longer the tomboy I once was. I own a hairbrush and I use it! I wear make-up, dresses and skirts and my daily apron. I love to cook and bake and sew and create little crafts (some of them even turn out nice). I love to wear high heels on Sundays. I love to connect with other women and mothers and feel not so isolated in this lonely occupation of mine.

I'm proud of my curtains (but don't look too close mmmkay?) and throw pillows and decorations that I've made with my own two hands. I love wearing my hair up and different. I enjoy dancing and singing with my kids and spending all day long with them. I love staying home and watching Barney and making pizza dough. I love that they all want me and to talk to me and need me (confession: it is annoying 85% of the time).

Now that I'm an adult, I would never, not ever, in a million years want to be a man. Heaven help them! Every morning when Ty leaves for work at an unsightly early hour I'm grateful that I'm not a man. And when he comes home 12 hours later dirty and tired from his work I'm even more grateful that I am a woman.  I don't want his job or his burden or stresses. Ever.

I'll take the snotty noses and diapers and baby books and mommy guilt and oatmeal smashed cardigan swipes and the constant  shooshing and shooing and teaching and guiding and dressing and feeding and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Because in the middle of the day, they all snuggle on me and we read books and they take a nap. And I get to open up my book and go to a Natzi execution camp in WWII, and if that doesn't smack you in the face with how good you have it I don't know what will.  At night they all go to sleep and I get to snuggle on the couch and watch stupid tv shows with my husband and laugh and feel better about ourselves. I get to go dance with my friends, and 100% of the time i leave happy. And those little breaks make my job wonderful, and not upset at all that I am a woman. I was born one, I was one before I was born, and I will be one after this life. For that, oh! I am so happy.

I do want to know how to manage my time better. I want to be more efficient in cleaning, and organizing. I want to be more patient when the kids want "another' book. I want to be better at meal prepping and planning (that jumped out the window with baby #4). I want to know how to sew clothes. I want to know how to make quilts. I want to be a good listener. I want to get better at reading the scriptures. I want to be more honest in my prayers. I want to be a better woman, those are my wants now.

Ok fine, there are still moments I want to be a man: like when it's time to fall asleep. Dude can pass out in 15 seconds flat.


weekend recap

A month ago one if my regular Zumba ladies and friend Vanessa invited me to teach at a zumbathon fundraiser in Vegas. If course I said yes! And was excited until it was time for me to teach, bah, anxiety. I had a blast dancing for 2 hours straight and just having fun with my friends. 10 of us from our town went and we made up our own little gringa corner. I was so proud of all of them and can't wait to do it again.

I will say though, i have never felt so white in my entire life. I wish I had the energy and enthusiasm those mujeres bring to the party.

Ashley wrote up a much better review of it here with great pictures.

Anny in Vegas is the owner of the joint and a great teacher (and mormon!)
holy sweaty tank top
Almost all of us ladies before the sweat fest.
the next morning I bolted out the door at 7am with 4 kids solo to Vegas for the Make a Wish 5k. Our babysitter Jenni is a Make a Wish kid and her mom does a great job getting us all to support the cause.

The former Mrs. Nevada's were behind us and it was fascinating

apparently the camera was on inside the stroller

I have yet to find something in parenthood that gives me as much stress as driving with kids. Maybe family pictures or weddings or a tax audit. oh, and then the front tire busted off of the stroller and I used my man skills to shove it back on. Don't even get me started on how no one stopped to help. I love my B.O.B stroller, but at that moment I was ready to just leave the dirty, cat piss smelling stroller on the side of the road and buy a brand new one altogether. We've had old faithful for 6 years and she has been good to me, but definitely isn't anything to look at if you know what I mean. We don't have a garage so she gets a beating.
This instructor was amazing! He's lost 80 lbs this year doing zumba and his moves were so flippin smooth.  I loved his routines and music and can't wait to add them to my class. He was inspiring and that is what teaching is all about.  

It was a busy weekend, but when the dust settles I'm happy that I decided to go and participate instead of staying and hiding at home (because that's what I'd like to do). 

*and fyi* ty was right, a cute latino guy asked for my digits at the end of the night. ha!


no matter how hard i try....

For the past year or so I've really tried to pare down and keep life simple (well, a simple as 4 kids can get). We didn't do sports this year because Rodney still goes to bed at 5:30, and both he and Phoebe are not super awesome to take places at the same time. I didn't do a lot of things and said no to a LOT of things, and here I am... still busy.

I hate being busy.

Like, I joined a book club, which I absolutely am so excited for and I never do a lot of "me" things.

And then I promised my mom I would help her clean out her office and garage.

And the shed is full of all my garage sale goodies that i've been rounding up for months and months and MONTHS and i'm so sick of thinking about a garage sale I might just donate it all to goodwill and be done with it.

Last week I threw away the 8 Christmas cards that I never mailed. They were making me feel guilty, so I just tossed them and it felt so wonderful. (sorry if you never got one, we still love you!)

And I have 3 fundraisers this weekend. THREE! Tonight, tomorrow morning and Monday night. I'm going to be dancing and walking and dancing to raise money for good causes, but I just want to curl up with a book by the fireplace and keep my toes warm under Ty's legs and maybe even fall asleep on the couch.

wouldn't that be a dream?

What are your plans? How do you keep from getting busy?
ty's been busy clearing the field of weeds and the girls love our bonfires
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