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4 years ago Ty and I sat in a waiting room for our annual Temple Recommend interview. A little girl was waiting for her mom to return, and was immersed in a big fat book. I looked and noticed it was Harry Potter, i think number five or six.  I looked at Ty and thought to myself, I want to have readers like that. 

Ty and I have different opinions on reading. He, likes to read, and goes through about 2-3 books a year. You can often find his books in our bathroom (hehe).  I on the other hand love to read (although compared to my siblings I'm a lightweight in reading) and it is essential to who I am. This is where I put in that I majored in ballet at college, and then switched to English Literature when I only had 20 credits left (i know). My emphasis was on New England authors, just in case you wanted to know that. I only took one children's lit class, but it reemphasized what I learned at home: Reading to a child means everything. Personally, it means more to me than you'll ever want to know, just get me started on the subject in person. You'll regret it. 

Long story short (too late), we read a lot to our kids. I make a lot of horrific parenting mistakes daily, but reading we hit on the head. (Except Rodney, poor dude's gonna be a dumb jock for sure)

Fast forward to last year when she came home DYING to read Harry Potter. and when I say dying i mean dying. "But mom!" she pleaded, "Sam is reading it!" (thank you kathryn bolton)  

I kept my stance of no. She had many other books that were wonderful that I wanted read first. We printed off this list and she eagerly ate her way through it hoping for Harry!  The other thinged I learned in children's literature class? Reading for children is a lot like a relationship, meaning: you don't just hop back to holding hands from making out. Does that make sense? How on earth could I get her to read Charlotte's Web after harry potter? Never mind, Charlotte's Web is one of my favorite children books of all time. 

Guess what? She never finished the list. This year her enthusiasm fizzled. She would read the same favorite books over and over instead of new novels. So I had an idea, Ty and her read a chapter a night of HP, (I've already read the series 4 times, and ty none) together and see how she likes it. Well, the little stink took it to school and read 2 chapters away from home. And finished it in 6 days. And #2 in 6 days and now #3 is almost finished. She loves them, and don't worry, this is a complete bragging post in case you were still wondering.

Can I tell you, as a mother, you hardly ever, ever, ever, ever, get heart warming and wonderful bonding experiences with your kids once they can't sit in your lap? (maybe it's just me...crickets)  But laughing and talking about these books and characters that I have loved and adored and read over and over again at different points in my life with my very own child,  was one of them. A dear moment that I hold in my heart now for all the hard moments, and we have our share. But I am proud of her, and so grateful for something fun that we can share together. 

almost done with number one


Lexie & Sharrid said...

AWESOME! I know what you mean about pacing them with appropraite books at certain ages...but WOOHOO for a reader and HP! I hated reading growing up. I am now a READER, cannot even imagine not reading a book at every moment in my life. I live for reading! So I totally get you there! I like you, am trying to make my kids readers as can't force it so if it comes, lucky us!! Are you on Goodreads....I need to friend you! and see what you are reading!

Annie Leavitt said...

I am on goodreads lexie! Add me for sure. That is great that you turned into a reader later on (it also means your parents planted the seed too)

My taste is pretty eclectic, so beware : )

Travis & Natalie Nelson said...

Trevor was the same way with the HP books. He is onto #5. He talks about them all the time even if he isn't reading it at the time. To bad his Mom isn't into reading.

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