Wherein I give up being a hippie and embrace chemicals

Things have changed since we moved here.

A lot of things.

When I first walked into our home it was going to be a healthy house! Organic! Chemical free! No plastic! All glass! No non stick!

And then life happened. We broke all 12 glasses in 2 years and 5 plates AND my favorite serving dish. I hate tile by the way, in case you ever wanted to know.

I shopped and shopped for area rugs for our family room. I finally purchased an organic 10'x14' woven rug with red stripes. I loved it! It was different and bold and a statement piece! The kids? Well, it was scratchy, so very scratchy. Not big fans at all.

And then it started to fall apart, and wouldn't let go of stains. And then it really fell apart. And so with blessed tax return money we ripped out 8x10 area of tile and installed carpet.

Heavenly, plushy, chemical laden boring carpet.

And I'm in love.


Rachelle said...

Hurray! It's so much easier to clean too. I HATE mopping. It's the only chore that gets me sweating. And then you have to corral your kids into their bedroom so they don't slip and fall.

Chandra said...

Carpet will get dirty and gross but I have to have. Yay for tax returns!

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