crazy. happy. crazy happy.

Goofing off in college

I have writers block. I've written post after post and can't push publish. I'm eating gluten and sugar and feel miserable. One minute I'm blissfully happy and can't believe how blessed my life is, and the next I want to hide under the covers and can't even imagine having any more children....ever.

Tell me you have weeks/months/years(?) like this too?

In other news I read some good books lately, and have been on a roll. Unbroken and The Hiding Place, just fed my hunger for WWII history even more. They were amazing, and harrowing and made me feel like even more of a loser, but in a good way. I love historical non-fiction, my sister Sarah would hate those books. If your looking for a quick, fun read, I enjoyed Icefall for my book club I'm in. I read My Name is Asher Lev again, and loved it even more the second time around.  I'm fascinated with the lives of religious artists, where the lines are between the two and where you end up. Do the lines blur? Or dissapear altogether? I often see people either giving up their art, or giving up their religion, either a little, or altogether.

 I'm in need of a new good book, but Middle March looks very daunting and slow sitting on my counter, so I haven't touched it.

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Cathy said...

I right there with you...except for the gluten, sugar and book stuff. But the rest of it, I hear ya.

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