Day three : storm settles

It was a good day, phoebe didn't even ask about the tv. We spent the morning organizing my parents garage and then went home to collapse.

Someone tell me how they do things away from home and still cook and clean? Because I think it's impossible. I love staying home and need to be here to manage everything. and I have enough to do here I never wander around bored if you know what I mean. Ha, as if.

I'm other news we want to teacher night at mcds via drive through and saw both our teachers. Success! I am really sore this week from Zumba, the stress of some stuff is gone and I'm having a blast. We have la few friends having babies right now and it's fun! But I'm happy it's not me, is that bad to share?

Ps...this picture solidifies my suspicion that my kids inherited the Curtis goof gene:

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Cathy said...

People who aren't home all day have messy houses and take-out for dinner. Plain and simple. Or they have a maid and a personal chef. What do I know?

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