Day two: almost broke

Holy cow, how did I survive the day? I really didn't think it would be hard, beautiful sunny day! We went for a walk, played outside, jumped on the trampoline, play dough, read books, painted rocks and I still wanted to claw my eyes out.

How did this happen? How did my kids lose all ability of entertaining themselves? The house is a wreck, I can't get anything done, is this the part where it gets worse before it gets better?

Please tell me it is.

At least I rearranged my painting wall.

1 comment:

Emily said...

It always gets worse before it gets better. Like the storm before the...calm.

You are doing so much good! Keep up the wonderful work. And perhaps you could get yourself some safety goggles?! ;)

Tomorrow is a brand new day...

I'll be thinking of you!

Have a great night.

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