it's that time of year...brace yourselves

it's turn off the tv week again.

and i don't know if we'll suvive.

since i started cleaning my house, the kids watch about an hour of tv every morning. and in the afternoon when I make dinner and help with homework, and now....well. We'll just to adapt and survive right?

right now as I type Rodney just dumped the entire box of corn chex on the floor and we're listening to Ralph's World and I'm ready to gouge my eyes out.

Now do we do ALL screens? Holy cow I think we'd die, but I want to try. It's just one week right? right.  How did our grandmas do it? 

Aunt Linda, mom, Uncle Bill, Aunt Brenda, Christmas 1948 pre-tv. I'm positive Grandma made all those dresses too.

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