ferris wheels and changing tables

It's the "fair!"  The county fair comes to our little slice of valley every year and I never cease to enjoy it.    Something about it is just so hometown and cozy and full of novel material. So hasta luego, I'm going to be MIA for a few days.

And yesterday I sold our changing table. I know. The changing table that we picked out a month before Lucy was born. We looked and looked and found a "sturdy" one and paid $$$ for it. We were so young and stupid back then. But today, we do not need it anymore, I don't have storage, and it was time to let it go. It wasn't so very painful as a friend bought it, but still. No changing table? Although Rodney's changing table is on a desk in the man cave, and it looks awesome that way. changing tables are kind of old fashioned now. It's much more chic to change turds on an antique dresser. Right? Right.

So, I sold my first baby item, which means for sure I"ll be  having another baby.
Because that is just how my life rolls.

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