After feeling behind for the past month, this weekend was exactly what I needed. Due to scheduling conflicts I haven't been home for all of conference for the last two times. I would say, "oh I can catch up", and I would, but it just isn't the same. In two days we watched 8 hours of talks from the Prophet and leaders of our church. And for two days our house was filled with peace and direction. (And a typhoon of crayons and toys and food wrappers keeping the kidlets entertained)

I've had a lot of worries and questions lately, if you hadn't noticed. And all of them were answered multiple times throughout the talks. This is when I feel so close to my Heavenly Father and see his hand in my life. And as always, I wish Elder Holland could speak every Sunday to me. Love that man.

In other news... Our stray kitten had babies. We visited with the Millers. I rearranged some furniture and gave away a bag of stuff to DI. I can't wait to purge more. And my first rose bloomed, which can only mean one thing...FAIR WEEK!

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