Give a little: or fundraising thoughts

I whined a little in my last post (ok, almost all of my posts lately), and for that, I apologize. I actually do serve a lot. I serve my little children every day, keeping them clean and fed and teaching them the Gospel. I serve my husband every day trying to be a loving and supportive spouse. We spend lots of time with family and serving them.

And then, I did this whole "fundraiser' thing. Yup, spearheaded by moi, with the help of some great people and friends. It turned out great! But, good heavens, it was a lot of work. Fundraising by yourself is not for the faint of heart. Especially something like a "Zumbathon" in a small town, where people don't really jump up to try something new you know? It's ok, I think they all will come around in the next few years! We also had a teacher cancel last minute, and two funerals and two weddings and another fundraiser the same night, but we still did well.

I learned a lot, especially about how many great friends I have that support me. Next year we will do another one, even bigger and even better! (famous last words) And I will get some help with my house the previous and following weeks. : ) The girls loved going to set up and playing with all the sound sensitive lights (Lots of jumping up and down to change the colors). We had a blast and spread the dancing love that we all get every week in class. Zumba (specifically dancing) has changed my life as a mother and woman and I love seeing it positively effect so many other women, moms, girls.

 Some of my favorite "regular" Zumba ladies. They keep me working hard.
 I never knew Maile and Robyn until this past year and they are amazing women with great families.
 Yeah, I'm a spaz.
Just another action shot, because I know you wanted one. 
Stephanie and Dianne were my flygirls. I've always wanted those.
*(and please tell me I'm not the only one that watched In Living Color growing up)
Becky and her cute pregnant self showing just how much fun a Zumbathon is!
 Anny Bastian is a great teacher that came and taught for us. Her routines are INTENSE.
Local teacher Wendy Jensen taught a few fun ones too.

 Dianne and her husband did all the LIGHTS, that rocked.
 Katie was my publicity guru, and Angela helped and danced.

*A special thanks to all that donated their time and talents to our fundraiser. Especially Wendy Wheeler for all of the photographs, Sage Health, Dalisay Shyface (My tupperware lady!), Vanessa Solis, Maile Montierth, Christy Brooks, and many many more.

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