a postive post

It's the weekend! Why do I love the weekend?

Because Ty is home. TY IS HOME. This is big, this makes me happy, this helps me with the kids.

And that's about it. Our weekends are full of work, work and more work. But I love them. The kitchen is extra messy on Saturdays because of all the work and projects. Today I sorted through all of the older girls' clothes to find out what we need, what we don't wear and what we have. It was pretty surprising what I found. The one child that is always dressed neat and nice, has very few outfits. The other child, who looks homeless 90% of the time, has several extremely cute outfits. Go figure.

You can't win them all.

But I'm feeling better with every month that Rodney gets older, and it's time to stop being scrubs. I researched some sales and got inexpensive back to school clothes of what we NEED, and they are clean and nice. I gave away everything that was old, worn and too used, or let's face it, they won't wear it. gah.

I want our family to be neat and comely.  For the last few years, (ahem, baby Rodney) we have been scraping the bottom of the barrel most days.

So here's to a new school year!

I was sad at first, when I realized Abby would be at school all day, but over the last few weeks I have come to peace with it. The two babies have been seriously neglected of "mom" time. I started to count up in my head all of the things I did and taught the older girls that I have not yet even thought about doing with the cabooses. And it's time, time for more mom time. Time for more learning for younger kids, the older girls and independence. I'm not ready for it somedays, but I know it's time.

And in case you aren't having a fantastic day, to make you feel better I found this after sorting through the girls' clothes:

Have you ever fished a banana out of a honey bottle?
It's fantastic!

ps- Our friends lost family members in an accident, their beautiful daughter's post about trials and preparation and God's love is  heartwarming. Read it here.


Kay Hardy Barlow said...

Loved the link. Also impressed that you have already thought about school clothes. (Last year our school shopping was done the Saturday before the Monday first-day-of-school in Cedar City, on the way home from BYU drop-off, between midnight madness youth football games, consisting of whatever could be purchased at BEALS-the only store we could find.)
Re your last post: My daughter recently got me on instagram, but as she was setting me up, and selecting people for me to "follow," she remarked several times, "Oh, you don't want to follow _______; it will just make you feel bad." (I'm not sure what to make of that-I should either be happy that she's looking out for me, or insulted that she knows I can't "keep up with the Jones.")

Melodee said...

awe, I loved reading this post. Our 6 kiddos are older now...the youngest 12, and those days of sifting through clothes and re-homing them are gone for the littles....don't goes by so fast! BTW I loved the banana in the honey jar...that is the best:)

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