But it's a dry heat...

I can't complain really, the eat hasn't bothered me too too much this summer. But it does do things to me and I'm tired of it gosh darn it.

1. It makes me tired
2. It makes me irritable
3. It takes away my appetite, so I don't eat and then when I do it's crummy choices
4. It takes away my motivation for...everything. 
5. It makes me want to move to Saskatchewan. 

I had a long list if summer projects and have completed zero of them. I did learn how to make a bib from Grandma Leavitt and I'm excited to crank out more. But other than that? Nada. Even Abby said the other day to Ty, "we only do one thing a day in the summer and then nothing else!" It's sad, but true. The library, or swim, or grocery store, but only one of those a day my friends. 

We buy eggs from our friends but hit mid June their production goes too low for extras. Why? Because the heat sucks out all of the chicken's egg droppin' mojo. And I've never been grateful for that before, but I am now. 

It's ok that I'm tired and low on motivation. It's the heat! our production might be slower these days, but we are surviving. We may do only one thing a day together, but that's not too bad at all. We may be moving at a slower pace, but we still are moving!
The Long Beach Aquarium, we did that!


Unknown said...

Everyone here shuts down from the first big heat wave in June until school starts up. I always feel guilty about it too until my Aunt in SLC said she closes down from the 1st snow storm until the last. Sometimes that's from October til May!! It made me feel better!! Only about 8 weeks of giving up!! Not 8 months!!

Whitney Baldwin said...

I am the same way. We get out in the morning and then get the major blahs in the afternoon. But Willow is napping! So that's my excuse.

But seriously, give me the heat any day over long, gray, miserable winters. Blech.

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