When the cat's away...

Ty is the scoutmaster in our ward, which means lots of camp outs and camps. I can't remember it ever bothering me that he's gone a lot doing those things, I'm happy he's willing to serve and he enjoys the outdoor time. 

I've realized when he's gone I turn into a traveler. So when Sarah and I found out Danna had three days off of work we packed up (she didn't even unpack from Michigan) and headed down. 

Despite the ac going out again in the car, everything has been wonderful. We've enjoyed cousin time with Dj, learning how to play the Wii, the beach and aquarium. We have more fun planned, but I can tell we are all getting tired. 

We're so grateful danna and guy are hosting us and giving the kids a great experience. It's been a nice break from the constant 110+ heat at home. But yesterday was 70* at the beach!! We all froze. Ironic I know. 

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Unknown said...

Love it! You have the most adorable little kiddos!

P.S. I nominated you for a blog award over on my blog...check it out :)

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