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I found these two great articles on wonderful people in this world. People who see an opportunity to do good and seize it. I want to be like that. I want to share all the goodness around us. This is difficult for me, as a sarcastic, cynical realist. But hey, I'm trying! Plus, sarcasm always gets a good laugh and I'm a sucker for attention. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did, ps*get some kleenex handy.

And I will share a quick story of our own. It's more of a Christmas story, but it is definitely worth including in this post since all i've been worrying about today is how old and worn our stroller is and I want a new one even though we don't need one. I am lame.

Our second Christmas here in Hidden Hollow, things had gotten quite tight with the budget. Student loans and property taxes and medical bills all converged at once. We were going to be ok, we always are (hello tithing!), but I was hoping the girls and family wouldn't notice how lame our gifts were that year.  I was feeling down and out as we drove home from the annual Christmas Eve get together. When we pulled up to the house, we parked in the front, which is odd, we always park in the back.  We put the kids to bed and Ty said, "Did you leave something on the porch?"   I slipped onto the back porch without the kids hearing, and there left in a bag were gifts from Santa. Three baby dolls in hand crocheted baby carriers, with beautiful and immaculate hand crocheted dresses, booties, hats, pillows and blankets. All three unique, for our three different girls. And a crocheted bear for Rodney.  I couldn't believe it and was in shock. Someone had worked on these for months, just for our children. The tears came quickly and freely and I immediately knelt down and offered a prayer of gratitude. And to no surprise, they were the favorite presents the kids played with for the year, and still to this day. It was a Christmas miracle I will never forget. 

There are so many wonderful stories like this of people living life selflessly and kindly everyday. I'd love to hear some of yours.

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