Pins I use almost every day

I love pinterest, and it is a strange media site in it's own right. I see my friends post fitness tips, and two seconds later a double chocolate turtle fudge trifle recipe. It's a paradox.

There is also the frustration of fake pins. What are those? Well, just pictures with no acutal links, or there is a link, but it really isn't worth your time. Get my drift? I once clicked on a pin for "How to have a romantic getaway when you have to bring your kids" Worthless I tell you.

BUT... I do have pins, REAL pins that work and that have changed my daily life, and I'm here to share them.

Here they are, in no order of importance:

Buying Produce:

Helpful Tip(S): There are a lot of them on this link. I can grab a walnut and fix scratches in my wood furniture in just a few seconds. It's awesome. Or put your ipod in a bowl and it amplifies the sound. Tips like this that smart people think of for the likes of me.
image via pinterest

Shredding meat:

Whenever I need to shred meat, or chicken, or pork, no more two forks and splashing my shirt. No maam. Throw the meat in the kitchen aid, and turn the paddle on for less than a few minutes. DONE and DONE.

Peel and stick tiles:

 I love cleaning out under my sinks now. The tile was super easy to cut (with scissors!) and stick on. It's great for spills and leaks too.

Cleaning out the microwave:

1 Cup vinegar
1 cup water
Cook on high 10 minutes, just wipe it all off easily afterwards.

 Cooking Bacon:

If i'm making  a recipe with bacon and need my cooktop, I can throw it into the oven, no mess, no fuss.

Make Nail Polish Last Longer:  Word to your mother, this really works. Just rub vinegar over your cleaned nails before you paint them. Voila.
image via pinterest

Dressing up boring mom outfits:
image via pinterest

The Sock Bun

Disclaimer: You need long hair for this next tip. But if you have a bunch of mismatched socks you still haven't mated for 3 years, this is perfect. It's my go to Sunday hair do when I'm running behind (which is often).
image via pinterest

You can't really tell, but that's a sock bun I'm sporting in the back. Word.


Austrie said...

nice tips! I love USEFUL pinning. My mom and I may have just checked all of our fruit in the fridge...

Chandra said...

I love helpful tips! I need to call you. 1 more week until school starts then maybe we can talk without too many distractions :)

my name is becky kelly said...

i JUST did a sock bun for the first time on Sunday and i LOVED it! i felt like a million!

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