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Life is falling into a groove around here. School, soccer, piano, ballet, homework, practice, chores, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, cleaning, organizing, planning, teaching, working, churching, reading, studying.

It's a lot, but I'm enjoying this stage more than I thought. I was actually petrified of Lucy starting sports. It's so much time! And driving! And what if she doesn't like soccer? Because it's a huge part of my life, I can't imagine having a child that hates it, but it's highly probable.

Guess what? She loves it. And so do we! She has a great coach and kind and hard working girls on her team. The fact that she has never played doesn't even matter, which is a huge relief. She's at the perfect age where she is willing and eager to learn and try. Which makes sense, my ballet teachers always said the perfect age to start dancing is 8 also. They are mentally mature enough to work hard and problem solve and their muscles are mature enough to develop muscle memory and coordination, and keep it.

The games are fun to attend as a family. I can't help yelling the whole time for the team! But I'm positive! And I cheer everyone! But it is so hard to watch the games. I imagine watching softball, volleyball or basketball won't be difficult as I am horrible at all of those sports. But soccer? Ole! Ole! Ole!

The girls are both happy with their teachers. They dislike the bus ride home but love the bus ride to school because they are guaranteed playing time on the monkey bars.

Phoebe and Rodney are still wonderful in the day (JINXING MYSELF RIGHT NOW). They are happily entertained with the simple things in life and that makes my life easy.

Zumba is going well but teaching at night is getting more and more difficult. When the kids were little, my days were a marathon, and nights a walk in the park.  And slowly but surely, the girls' needs as they get older are different. My days are easier and my afternoon and nights are when I have to be on the ball. I have to stay calm during homework, have a snack ready, coordinate car schedules and pick ups, dinner, bedtime routines and being there for them to talk to me.

It's interesting how it changes, and will keep changing over the years. I'm grateful the girls are resilient and patient with our lack of parental abilities. We are at a happy spot right now and I'm soaking it in (AGAIN JINXING MYSELF).

Ty isn't dying in the heat anymore and that makes a world of difference at home. In the summer months I pretty much give him a wide berth when he arrives home. I can't even imagine working outside 10hours a day. Now he isn't falling asleep immediately as he walks in (well, most days. ha), he can play with the kids and ride bikes too. When I think of the builders of the nation I think of all the men out there, heat, cold, snow rain building all the buildings and lights and roads that we couldn't live without.

And, the most wonderful news of all? There is a cool breeze in the morning and night. That's right, a cool, crisp breeze. Be still my beating heart, it's FALL!
Which means riding our bikes every morning and evening

My favorite season has arrived, and so has birthday season. I'll be swamped for the next 3 months. But it's a good kind of swamped, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Tata for now.



This past weekend Renee and I had a chance to hang out in Viva las Vegas and catch up. It was wonderful, I am so grateful for her friendship and that she let me get out of the house for a night! Ha! Even though we didn't get in a run (which would have made it perfect) and we didn't go clubbing (with our free tickets from the guy with awesome chops), it was woooooonderful!

Downtown Vegas is dirty and gross and absolutely fascinating all at once. The art exhibits and shows and restaurants are amazing. The people watching beats Disneyland by one thousand percent, but afterwards you want to forget most of what you saw. We were there on a fight night and Mexican Independence Day. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just...wow.

I was more than happy to come home to my simple home and hug my family. It was great to have a break, and to catch up. And after 18hrs w a Canadian I wanted to say "eh" so badly. Hehe.

Next time Stephanie Perrin, you better come too. NYC? :)

 The Bellagio water fountain show never fails to impress. 
 Our only picture! ah! We ate here and it was pretty good.
Our view from the hotel room, right over the Bellagio fountains, not too shabby eh.
See, I said eh!


The happiest place on Earth,

Confession: My first visit to Disneyland was on my honeymoon.  Crazy right? Growing up my friends just "couldn't believe" I had never been. But it was true, no Disneyland, and yet I still grew up into a normal human being (well, I guess the jury is still out on that one). We did plenty of other family activities, like how to ski, golf, sports, roller skate, bowl, throw a rubber chicken, skeeball, play pool, cross-country ski, swim, dive etc. etc. etc.  I honestly don't feel like my childhood was marred by a lack of Mickey Mouse. Or maybe they should do a study of cynics and pessimists and their frequentation (or lack of) to the happiest place on earth. I may be on to something here.

Our honeymoon was magical (cheesy, but true). I'm sure everyone  can say that about theirs, but it made Disneyland a special place for Ty and me. Taking the kids is, I will confess, a lot of work, but still worth it and fun. The sad part is, when we are there I am always longing for a little alone time with him. And alone time on a family vacation is not in the works (besides, family trips are family trips, dur).  Long story short, in some weird way Disneyland is romantic for us.

My kids, now they have been a lot. Not as much as all you native Californians. But four missionaries in Ty's family have left for our church since Ty and I had Lucy. That's a lot of trips in my book. My kids know Disneyland, they have favorite rides, they started collecting pins and squishing pennies. They know the lingo and the songs, and they love all of it. It's part of their childhood . Ty can relate to that with them, he went growing up and has those memories. I, on the other hand, do not. It's hard to relate to it all.  Most of the time we were there this weekend I was worried that my kids were getting way too spoiled and indulged and I was raising their level of entitlement.  Hello anxiety! But Ty assured me they were fine and it was all ok. Hmm.

The people watching at Disneyland is top notch. You get all walks of life there. The most fascinating to me are the parents that are dog tired, dragging their feet, pushing a stroller with a sleeping kid on it that has glow in the dark, rotating buzz lightyear toy that makes a horrible amount of noise and is also a fan, and holding a flashing balloon, and wearing all their disney apparel and surrounded with toys and candy galore.  I watch them and imagine what their next morning will be like, or what it was like for them getting ready for Disneyland. Did they pull the card? The "you won't go if you don't behave" card?. Even though we know it's not true because the tickets are already purchased and the days off scheduled.  Do they fight over the french braids in the morning and the shoes to wear? Luckily this year I was able to keep my cool. No yelling, and maybe just one little threat to Phoebe that she had to nap or we wouldn't go back to ride Ariel for the thousandth time. hehe.  But overall? It was very peaceful for us, which is a huge milestone.

But I know what it's like to have those other times. The frantic and hectic and stressful and tired and slaving away to get things done, and waiting in line for an hour and a half for just a PICTURE with a character.  All that work for one picture just isn't worth it for me anymore. We were lucky and waited at most 10 minutes for everything.

All in all I know that these memories are going to be good for them. The family time and cousin time was just what we needed. It was a great trip and we are grateful for the opportunity to go.
this is us after 12 straight hours. the kids deserve an award, they were awesome. Rodney didn't sleep all  day until right before the Jungle Cruise. 
rodney wasn't so hot about riding rides. no big deal, he loved the stroller. a tender mercy.

any spinning ride should be banned in my opinion
ty's turning the girls into collectors. smashed pennies are all the craze around here.

we happened to run into some characters at just the right time. score.

it was so very hot. so very, very hot.

we really had a lot of fun with everyone. can you tell?

favorite picture. ever.
We really go all out at Disneyland. I mean, I have ears on. Granted they were the ones I bought for abby but were adult sized and not the right style. But that's what you get when you make mom pick them out right?


Home again, home again, jiggety jig

We spent the weekend at the traditional Adams' family Disneyland missionary send off!

We are back. We had fun. We are now currently moving around like the living dead.


bouquets of sharpened pencils

We are back to school and falling into the groove, and guess what? I love it.  I miss Abby terribly, our lunches together and quiet times were wonderful. But she is ready for all day and she loves it. Lucy thrives at school, although her nail biting reminds me that her anxiety peaks in the beginning of anything new.

We had a lazy, lazy, LAZY Labor Day and I relished it completely. I still worked out and we swam for a bit, but other than that? Nada.  Even Lucy said, "mom you look dead". And I didn't care. It was wonderful to wear sweat pants all day and my hair mishymashy. Not like I dress up everyday, but you know, whatever.

But my days with Rodney and Phoebe? I adore. The mornings are spent exploring and running errands together and then they both are napping 2-3hrs a day. So, hello!? I have no excuse to not get things done around here. It's wonderful.  I started a beast of a book, John Adams (we loved the movie on John Adams), and I love it, even if I can only handle half a chapter at a time.

I can even see myself maybe baking again? And I felt wonderful enough to have girl's night with my ward friends and holy cow! Did I need that or what? (hint: i did)

We have a busy week ahead, but it will be fun.

Speaking of back to school and first days, my first day of high school I accidentally walked into a Calculus class with Juniors and Seniors. I thought my life was over, it was so embarrassing! Funny what my problems were back then. haha.

Speaking of problems. I think Ty's church clothes might be laced with magical sleeping dust. It's amazing the effect that tie has on him.
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