a guessing game

Most of what our kids do either passes by us without notice, makes us laugh (like when Abby sang to the floaties in her cup at dinner for a good two minutes), or puzzles us. 80% of the time is puzzling.  For example, Rodney has been "sliming" everyone for over a week. He runs up to you, clobbers you (with his face only) and runs away giggling.  Add in his runny nose and you get the slime part.

Ty and I are so unfazed by stuff now we ignored it. Until I was helping Rodney put his shoes on the other day. I pulled up his shirt and gave him a big zurbert (sp? anyone?). Just like you were given growing up. Your parent presses their lips into your tummy and wiggles their face around making a horrible sound. Yup, zurberts.

And just after Rodney, of course, laughed and then "slimed" me. He doesn't wriggle his head, or know how to make the sound (trust me, i've noticed him trying since then) he just sticks his head into your leg, or tummy or neck, and pulls away with a string of goo attached to you.

I called Ty as soon as I realized it.

"Hey, you know how Rodney has been doing that thing with his face all week and sliming you?"

Ty: "yeah, weird"

"He's giving Zurberts!! I just figured it out. My dad gave him one last week"

Yup, Rodney's first introduction to Zurberts was from my dad. Which is so apropos it isn't even funny. Or it's really funny. Whatever it is, it's insanely adorable and I don't mind the boogies. Scratch that, it's super gross.

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