Christmas time

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind, a fun and relaxing whirlwind. I was getting set up to host my first Thanksgiving here, and then the realization that I have 10% of the things that I need to host something like that hit me. "I don't even have a gravy boat!" I exclaimed to Ty. "Or enough table cloths!" Things you just don't think about.

Luckily my mom sensed my desperation and hosted it at her house.  Someday it will be my turn, and this year is not that time. We had a laid back and relaxing day with both sides of our family. Dinner at my mom's was wonderful and we always have a great time visiting with the Leavitts and skeet shooting.

Overall I felt very blessed for all that I have been given and blessed with. My problems that I complain about instantly felt very minuscule compared to the grand scale of life ahead of me. We are so lucky to be by family and enjoy their love and watch them take care of nurture our children.

Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

My social media break was wonderful and I tackled a lot of projects in the house and payed attention to my children. Facebook had easily overtaken my life, and I'm glad to have a break from it.

On another note, I'm am still very much missing my baking. I don't have sugar or flour in our house, so I borrowed some to make some pecan pie bars for the day. I am rusty at baking! And it felt so fun to really bake again. Still trying to find a balance between healthy baking, or just regular baking on a very rare basis. Where is it? How do you balance it? Thoughts welcome.

And another, another note. Christmas music is in the house! It's been on for a week now and I love it. I can feel my blood pressure lowering every time I turn it on. I keep trying to broaden my listening horizons, but I just can't stomach anything more than the classics that I grew up with. My all time favorite Christmas singers, Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, Singers Unlimited, Dean Martin, and many more people who you probably don't even know exist. ha! 

But my crowning parenting moment last night was when Abby exclaimed, 

"OH, I love Perry Como!" 
Love that girl.


Thanksgiving week

I am thankful for many things, and I enjoy reflecting on them. Yesterday in primary I was reminded that  if we are thankful for something, we can show it by taking care of it. So this week I am going to refrain from social media (this is a tough one for me) and take care and nuture my husband, my children, my family, my home, my vehicle, my clothes and even my shoes.  I haven't purged in a long time and I feel like our home is bursting with non essentials and not ready to celebrate a peaceful Christmas season.

Last month we said goodbye to cousin Mady who is leaving for Japan in a month! We are excited for her, what an adventure. I always wished to go on a mission, but marriage came first. We are supposed to be missionaries all the time as members, but with my "personality" I honestly don't say much about my faith. I guess I get lazy and figure if someone wants to know they will ask right? hehe. Also I've been told I give too much advice as it is, and that gave me a complex where I don't say anything about anything very much. Which means I still say plenty about what I've learned so far as a parent and woman. My sincerest hope is that people see through my life and actions that the gospel brings me peace and happiness and guides me through life's tough choices and trials. Right now our little children tax our minds and bodies of energy and intelligent thought. But as exhausted as Ty and are, we wouldn't change a thing. I love every spirit that has come to our family and teaches me humility and selflessness. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to partake of the sacrament each week and start over with my journey towards eternity. 

My lent from social media spurred from this quote:
...some addictions or predilections, while not inherently evil, can use up our precious allotment of time which could otherwise be used to accomplish virtuous objectives. These can include excessive use of social media, video and digital games, sports, recreation, and many others. -Elder Cook


a pet's paradise

Monday night the cat didn't come in to the house. This is unusual. Every night, we call her and she trots in with her jingle bell ringing and happy to eat mice all night. Monday night? no cat. I worried all night and kept going out until midnight calling for her. "Heeeeeeeeere kiiiiiiiiiiityy! Heeeeer kitty kitty kitty!"

No cat.

Early Tuesday morning.

No cat.

I ran out to the road before the kids were up to make sure there was a cat, but stuck to the road, if you get my drift.

Thankfully, no cat.

The girls didn't seem to mind at all. In fact at the bus stop Abby nonchalantly says, "Look for any furry bumps on the road." Gah!  Lucy's all, "Yeah, it got eaten by coyotes."

I'm raising wolves I tell you.

By Tuesday afternoon I'm sullen. I just started to like that cat, darn it.

At 4pm, we all go to get into the car. As I reach for my keys to unlock the girls scream "THE CAT!!!". And sure as shoot, there it was, trying to crawl up and out the windows when she saw us.

We locked the cat in the car, all night long. And was I relieved that fluffy Lilly cat was alive? NO! I was so mad at that dumb cat for crawling into the car. ha.

After having a good laugh, Lucy reminded us of all the other places we have misplaced cats. Namely,

the fridge.


the dryer.

No animal was seriously harmed in either instance.

They say you should have pets for a few years before having children.  I think they might be spot on.


a few pics

 This was Rodney just minutes before I left for the weekend to run the Ragnar, sick and feverish. Yuck.
 This was my van (minus Tara!). These moms are all amazing and fast.
 I was grateful to get to know them all better.
 Rory and Amanda passing off to each other. The day went from cold, to hot, to cold, to HOT
The Veteran's day parade never disappoints down here. This year it was the best I've seen in a long time. The only thing missing was horses and horsemen. You'd think in our little town we could have half the parade of horses, but nope, not a one. I was disappointed, but everything else was great.

I had a long week of catch up with sick kids and laundry and then the walk a thon at the school Friday. I taught a few zumba songs to each class and it was so much fun. Exhausting, but fun. I love dancing and that I'm able to teach it and still do it.


Would you like to run a relay race?

I ran my first Ragnar. I know, total groupie right? I wondered before why everyone was so crazy into it, and never understood the car stickers. Who cares? 13.1, I've ran half marathons and never felt the need to boast about it on my car.  26.2, ok, that is an accomplishment but I still didn't get it. And then the ragnar stickers are everywhere!  Before the Ragnar I kind of felt this way about it:

But my friends kept telling me how fun it would be, and I have to admit, I hadn't had a girls' weekend in over 2 years!

I packed up and gladly left the house and kids to Ty, (which included two vomiting monkeys) Thursday night. I had a blast getting to know my van better and hearing all their stories. I'm positive that they are all regretting having me on board now. I talk a lot when I'm tired, I mean, a lot more than usual which is, a TON. Poor girls. Between the 6 of us there was 26 kids we were running for on our team "49 kids and still running". We laughed, we cried, we peed in 800,000 port a potties (well at least I did). We drove and drove and drove and ran and ran and ran. And, I would gladly do it again next year.

Crazy right? But I had a lot stacked up for me in favor: I like camping. I don't mind using port a potties. I don't mind wipey baths for a few days. I don't mind sleeping in a car with smelly socks and clothes. I love exercising and especially with groups.

It didn't hurt that my van was full of experienced athletes and runners who know how to suck it up and just get the job done. I've never ran so fast in my life! I was so nervous to fail them that I got sick to my stomach before each leg. Luckily that turned into adrenaline and I never walked once! I was pretty proud of that considering the toenail i'm losing and the ginormous blisters from my first downhill run of 5.5 miles.

It was awesome, I loved it. But I'm happy it's over and to get back to lifting. I loved seeing all the different people from all over the country all running. I wanted to stop all of them and hear their story. How did you start running? Where? When? Why?  I love stories.

Out of 500 teams, only 18 of them were women's only.  Out of the 18 we placed 7th. Not too shabby considering all the bad luck we had on our race. Poor van #2! They got the worst of it. The worst to us was I drove into oncoming traffic (sorry amanda!) and the sprinklers that turned on while we were sleeping in the park. I've never moved so fast in my life. ha.

I'm still hobbling like an old man. But I'm proud of myself and that I did it.

And my car has a sticker to prove it.


A birthday and a gift

Today is my birthday! I'm happy to say that it already has been amazing. Ty gave me one of the best gifts I've had in a long time, tickets to go see the ballet. We were severely underdressed, and arrived early. But oh! It was worth it.

We attended the Insights preview, where you sit down and have a short Q&A and demonstration by Cynthia Gregory. Yes, that was right, Cynthia Gregory. It's hard to describe how much I watched and read and envied about the Cynthia Gregory. And there she was, in person, showing us technique and talking about Nureyv, Peter Martins, Agnes Demille, Margot Fonteyn.  I've obviously been under a motherhood rock because I didn't even know she worked for Nevada Ballet Theatre. When we first moved here my mom would drive me in 3-4 times a week for classes at NBT. They had a little studio in Summerlin. I danced a few months there and the commute became too much, I decided to take a break from dancing until college.  It worked out, I still have great friends from high school and BYU let me dance there despite my affinity to snickers bars.

NBT now is class act all around. The costumes, setting, choreography and technique were all breathtaking. It was majestic.

 Ty scored major points, he only fell asleep the last half hour and didn't snicker at any dude's solos.  I had a wonderful time, and it was worth it. At first I had some guilt at clothes I could buy with the same money, or needed exercise equipment etc. etc.  But that experience meant more to me than anything I could wear or carry or have.

The birthday day was spent sleeping in, a 5 mile run, a huge fatty nap, dinner I didn't have to make (or clean up!) and watching Planet of the Apes with Ty under a blanket. That Charlton Heston, what a drama queen. ha.

*If you live in Las Vegas or surrounding areas, you must go to the Smith Center! Beautiful, amazing architecture, lighting, ambiance, everything was impeccable. The tickets were worth it for the beautiful building alone. And luckily for us, it's just a hop, jump and a skip away (really easy to get to).


smell my feet

Happy Halloween! We had a wonderful day full of costumes and candy and cranky mom syndrome!  Or as I call, CMS. CMS can affect you at any times, but most frequently around holidays when you have children who want absolutely every minute of their holiday to be perfect.

But guess what? Every holiday is exactly 24hrs long and I can survive that.

We actually did have a great day, except that I boycott the annual Halloween "parade" at school.  In the middle of the day, right during nap time, every mom drives down to the school. Helps their child put on their costume and makeup that they are going to be wearing all night long with their parents. And then takes pictures of them walking around the playground at school.  Um, I'm going to pass.

I bet it's really cute and fun to see all the kids. And I bet I am ruining my reputation by not going. And I know for a fact that my oldest thinks I'm a complete failure for never going (I"m running on 3 years strong). But hey, I made COOKIES. That totally makes up for it. They may have been a mix and overcooked and I may have left them out for trick or treaters (because we never get any), but hey, cookies! I never do that.

Phoebe and Rodney had a blast and wanted to wear their costumes all day long. Rodney sat in his crib for 3 hours swashbuckling his stuffed animals and asking for his boots. 3 HOURS.  And 20 minutes before dinner he had a blowout in his pirate pants. Hooray!

 We hope you had as fantastic as a day as we did.

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