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Happy Halloween! We had a wonderful day full of costumes and candy and cranky mom syndrome!  Or as I call, CMS. CMS can affect you at any times, but most frequently around holidays when you have children who want absolutely every minute of their holiday to be perfect.

But guess what? Every holiday is exactly 24hrs long and I can survive that.

We actually did have a great day, except that I boycott the annual Halloween "parade" at school.  In the middle of the day, right during nap time, every mom drives down to the school. Helps their child put on their costume and makeup that they are going to be wearing all night long with their parents. And then takes pictures of them walking around the playground at school.  Um, I'm going to pass.

I bet it's really cute and fun to see all the kids. And I bet I am ruining my reputation by not going. And I know for a fact that my oldest thinks I'm a complete failure for never going (I"m running on 3 years strong). But hey, I made COOKIES. That totally makes up for it. They may have been a mix and overcooked and I may have left them out for trick or treaters (because we never get any), but hey, cookies! I never do that.

Phoebe and Rodney had a blast and wanted to wear their costumes all day long. Rodney sat in his crib for 3 hours swashbuckling his stuffed animals and asking for his boots. 3 HOURS.  And 20 minutes before dinner he had a blowout in his pirate pants. Hooray!

 We hope you had as fantastic as a day as we did.

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Chandra said...

love,love love the pirate costume. and I'm so glad you got to go to a ballet!4

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