Would you like to run a relay race?

I ran my first Ragnar. I know, total groupie right? I wondered before why everyone was so crazy into it, and never understood the car stickers. Who cares? 13.1, I've ran half marathons and never felt the need to boast about it on my car.  26.2, ok, that is an accomplishment but I still didn't get it. And then the ragnar stickers are everywhere!  Before the Ragnar I kind of felt this way about it:

But my friends kept telling me how fun it would be, and I have to admit, I hadn't had a girls' weekend in over 2 years!

I packed up and gladly left the house and kids to Ty, (which included two vomiting monkeys) Thursday night. I had a blast getting to know my van better and hearing all their stories. I'm positive that they are all regretting having me on board now. I talk a lot when I'm tired, I mean, a lot more than usual which is, a TON. Poor girls. Between the 6 of us there was 26 kids we were running for on our team "49 kids and still running". We laughed, we cried, we peed in 800,000 port a potties (well at least I did). We drove and drove and drove and ran and ran and ran. And, I would gladly do it again next year.

Crazy right? But I had a lot stacked up for me in favor: I like camping. I don't mind using port a potties. I don't mind wipey baths for a few days. I don't mind sleeping in a car with smelly socks and clothes. I love exercising and especially with groups.

It didn't hurt that my van was full of experienced athletes and runners who know how to suck it up and just get the job done. I've never ran so fast in my life! I was so nervous to fail them that I got sick to my stomach before each leg. Luckily that turned into adrenaline and I never walked once! I was pretty proud of that considering the toenail i'm losing and the ginormous blisters from my first downhill run of 5.5 miles.

It was awesome, I loved it. But I'm happy it's over and to get back to lifting. I loved seeing all the different people from all over the country all running. I wanted to stop all of them and hear their story. How did you start running? Where? When? Why?  I love stories.

Out of 500 teams, only 18 of them were women's only.  Out of the 18 we placed 7th. Not too shabby considering all the bad luck we had on our race. Poor van #2! They got the worst of it. The worst to us was I drove into oncoming traffic (sorry amanda!) and the sprinklers that turned on while we were sleeping in the park. I've never moved so fast in my life. ha.

I'm still hobbling like an old man. But I'm proud of myself and that I did it.

And my car has a sticker to prove it.

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angela michelle said...

I'm impressed! My brother recently bought a car with a Ragnar sticker already on it--insta-cred.

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