Abby's day

Our beautiful Abby turned seven. I know, I can't believe it either. All of my labs have been in the hospital where she was born and stayed in the NICU. I drive past the Jubilee house where Ty and I lived, and it all feels like a fading memory. It's amazing what time does.

For her birthday she had a great friend party, which was full of wonderful and fun little girls. I've never seen Rodney so happy! hehe.  They giggled and laughed and played and played and went home happy (we hope!).  Abby was pleased with the party and for her birth birthday she wanted to take Daddy with us to the Discovery Museum. It was a full and fun day and Abby's wishes were granted (much to an older sibling's dismay).

 Somebody found the party cookies
She wanted computer time (on a Saturday!)

and a chocolate cake...


the grocery store is always the girls' favorite part of the museum. They love being the checker and I always get oodles of money back after shopping. I wish real grocery stores were like that.

Happy Birthday Abby! You always bring our house so much joy.

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