a getaway

Ty surprised me this Christmas with a ticket to Michigan.

What's in Michigan besides sub zero temperatures and snow up to my thigh?  My brother bill, his wife (also one of my best friends) and their kids (our kids all leapfrog in age) and their cute little house.  Last year they were in West Virginia and I wasn't able to visit. Lame. This year all I wanted for Christmas was to go see them and their kids and huzzah! It actually happened. Thank you Ty.

Confession: Wednesday night as I packed I was positive I was the worst mother in the world. Who leaves their husband and kids and travels alone? Just for pleasure? What kind of a sicko was I?  I had to arrange 800 babysitters and rides for the kids and coordinating for everything. It was  a lot of WORK just to get out the day.  And fyi, I hadn't flown in 4 years.  I almost had to ask directions, what? And I almost fell over trying to take my snow boot off in security. hahaha.

Long story short, I went. It was fantastic, I had a great time, and now I'm home. hoorayyyy!!! Here a few of the highlights in iPhone photos no less:
said cute little house. in fact, i was in love with all of the houses and buildings. it doesn't hurt that i love brick and i love tree lined streets either.

word to yo mutha. he will hate i put this up, and i bet his staff would go nuts with a photo like this. hahaha.  i like torturing him with stuff like this. it's really out of love, really. whenever my kids are fighting i try to remember that someday they will be best friends. this is truth. bill and i fought our entire childhood, and now i can't stand being away from him and his family for over 12 months. note: we hadn't seen each other in 2 years. yuck.

our church has callings for every person in the ward (if you accept it). bill and mel have been in nursery a TON. i'm sure they are exhausted of it, but it has made one champion of a bubble blower. it was just like the pied piper i tell you what.

these kids, man i already miss them. they gave me great ideas for toys/tv shows/games/puzzles for my kids and i returned the favor. we really liked doing "silly" selfies. i tried extremely hard to make myself the favorite "aunt", but I'll be ok if they just remember me as funny. not too much to ask right?

detroit was just as i imagined it. hehe

silly selfie!

mel and i may, or may have not, seen the most beautiful male specimen alive at the lululemon  (we did, holy cow we did)

silly selfie take three!

more pictures to come, ty did a great job watching the kids but there is a mysteriously large amount of dirty laundry everywhere. hmmm. thank you to everyone who babysat, subbed for me in primary, drove my kids, fed my kids, helped out ty. thank you!

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Melanie said...

Blah! We miss you and your family. I love that pic of Billy.

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