toad days

One of our all time favorite children's author is Arnold Lobel. If you don't have the Frog and Toad series books at your house, please please get it.  I loved them as a kid, and honestly, I love them more as an adult. My favorites are A Swim, Cookies, and Tomorrow.

It really is the illustrated version of The Odd Couple. Toad is the cranky serious one, Frog is the overly optimistic, happy one. They compliment each other perfectly.  And yesterday I told my mom, "I think I realized we all have a toad and a frog inside of us". Unfortunately, I have more toad days than frog days. i think it's just my nature. some people call it pessimism, i like to call it realism. but i heard realists are just pessimists in denial. or something along those lines.

anyways, i love toad.
he is funny and cranky and never wants to get out of bed
and always wants to eat all of the cookies.

sounds like me a lot lately.



Cathy said...

Frog and Toad forever! I love those two.

Melanie said...

You know how much we love frog and toad! :)

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