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my first grade teacher was mrs. alt and i didn't like her. she was the first person to tell me that i talked too much. she was also pregnant that year with her first child, and i suspect that her husband was a dork. i gather this from her general crankiness every day, she didn't give me enough attention and she tried to send me to detention multiple times...for talking. as if.

despite the lack of leaves i contributed to the class "reading" tree, and that i was constantly named a "jabber box", i was still sure i would get an A in class. everyone in my family got A's in elementary school (or so i was told).  imagine my horror upon opening the first  report card for the first semester and inside was proof i was adopted:2 B's.


i'd like to think i got over that and applied myself in schoolwork for the rest of my life. but if you took American Sign Language 101 with me in college you would know that was not completely (or even close to) true. i am a jabber box, and it is hard for me to follow directions in many areas of life. and it is hard for me to sit still and not question authority figures. meh. 

i've made a cake and forgotten the flour, which turns into a bubbling soup in case you were wondering. i've done this twice. just a few weeks ago i added baking powder instead of cornstarch to the stir fry. it was fun to watch it bubble and froth for a few seconds, and ty didn't seem to notice the metallic aftertaste. i pronounced chic "chick" until after my second baby was born. i asked ty what baby lambs were called after the fair one year. i have issues people.

the point of this post? last week was report card week, and i had no idea. it just happened that that week ty and i sat down one of our children to discuss their handwriting on their schoolwork. to put it lightly, i've seen serial killers with better penmanship. anyways, the next day was report cards. of course! of course! and someone in our family got a B for her HANDWRITING! a few tears were shed, and we assured her that when she applies herself and tries her best she can see how well she writes, and if her best writing is a B then we would be very pleased. but you'd be amazed at her handwriting on her spelling list this week, heck, martha stewart would be proud.

i told the two girls the story that night that i was the first person to get a B in first grade, and i got two! i also told them i was the first person to graduate from college in our family, so don't let a rocky beginning determine your life choices. which i'm sure they just heard "blah blah blah, i got a b too, blah blah blah, everything turned out, blah blah blah, don't do drugs, blah blah blah, choose the right."

in other news, DJ got his mission call! Tuscon, Arizona May 14th!!!!!! we are so very excited!

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Austrie said...

hahaha "to put it lightly, i've seen serial killers with better penmanship." Oh man. I was just telling some of my friends about how I remember getting in trouble in Kindergarten for not being able to cut with scissors very well. I'm totally over it... ;)

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