The Ford Museum

I didn't have anything on my agenda for the trip to Michigan except see family. Luckily Mel always finds out local things that are a "must" see and do for every area they live in. On Friday we saw the Henry Ford Museum.

It was awesome. It not only has all of the ford vehicles and history, but also furniture through the decades (centuries), pop culture and airplanes. We missed it by an hour, but every day they disassemble and reassemble a working model T with the help of visitors. How cool is that? For the kids a smaller assembly line version was neat too. I told Ty he has to come here and see it, so someday we will go back, we have to.

this retro kitchen is just my style

silly/zombie photo (Matthew, where are you?)

the most intricate of dollhouses
you know you're getting up there in age when these are the photos in your camera stream

for austrie
Tvs and sewing tables (oh my, I am old)
baby and kid furniture. look at that miniature secretary!

                       everyone taking turns in the combine

anyone else seeing lehi's vision in this billboard? haha

a chalkboard from the cold war era. my mom remembers these drills.

the Kennedy limousine. never thought i'd see that in person
mini assembly line
model A photo for Ty
em and me

i texted this to ty with the caption: "I found our retirement plan" boom

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