what a week

i wrote a post this morning about my thoughts lately, it was very honest and very...sad. i'm glad i wrote it down, but not ready to hit publish quite yet.

in other news, this week was very entertaining, to say in the least. we had to take the family wagon in to the dealership to get the a/c fixed. this is the 4th a/c fix in 4 years. ack! i was so ready to just trade it in and get a sweet ride. alas, we really enjoy not having a car payment. and ty fixed the a/c part that the dealership couldn't figure out! huzzah!

the there was the huge "range war" just 20 miles east of our house. everyone in our valley is related or friends with the "Bundys" so it was a big deal here. i have mixed emotions about it, ty and i have never been impressed with the BLM down here. no roads are ever taken care of and it seems they are never around when you need them. i recommend you reading the blog that Dustin Nelson has been keeping for the last several years about the area they are trying to close down. it is a great family friendly area with multiple sites to see. i always love going there.

then it was the fair! this was rodney's face when we saw the rides set up but the fair wasn't open yet. it was the equivalent of taking the kids down the toy aisle (which is a cardinal sin).

he got over it, and we went to the fair! it was pretty roasty thursday morning. but the kids had a great time and we came back at night for the carnival. let me tell you, i love thursday night at the carnival. the air is crisp and warm all at once, the lights make it look magical (plus you can't see any scary carny trailers) and the kids just run around with all of their friends. we had an awesome time. the older girls each found a friend to go with, just by happen chance, for the first few hours. so they got in all the older rides while the littles rode the rockets and whales 100bajillion times. we didn't get home till 11pm! let's just say friday was pretty rough around the edges.

saturday was the bridal shower for megan. uncle taylor is getting married! we all love megan so very much and i was happy to go to support her. but am i the only one that after you've been married over 5 years, bridal showers are just...different?  i entered the "older" crowd of baby and bridal showers where you sit and ooh and ahh and then leave. it doesn't bother me, but it's just weird how that change happened all of a sudden. i got to mug on Chelsi's baby the entire time, and that always makes me happy. i do love newborns, just not ready for my own again. hehe.

and now it's spring break, and we are staying home and doing a whole lot of nothing. i love it, and the kids love it (so far). we will see how long the "happy" lasts.  phew, i'm tired just writing about it all.
ferris wheel smiles

waiting for a ride with grandpa

my favorite thing at the fair, momma pig

phoebe was SO elated to have friends to run around to the rides with

riding the ridiculously expensive pony rides
rodney and tyson (i swear rodney's hair was done before we got to the fair)

we had a desert tortoise siting for FHE
Last but not least, we got a dog. I know, I didn't want one but Ty persuaded me with all kinds of ridiculous mumbo jumbo.

 introducing Auggie. He is pretty adorable. I told the kids, there are no pretenses here: this is my dog! Because let's be honest, I'm going to spend the most time training and taking care of it. He's half blue heeler and husky. One bonus, he seems pretty smart so far. Let's hope that continues.

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Sounds like a full week and the puppy should extend that into months. But then what are Moms for?

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