facebook fizzle

i joined Facebook in 2008? or 2007? i can't even remember. i never went on much the first year. and then slowly over time, more friends added, and then family members, and it was wonderful to keep in touch! such a lifesaver!

my mom always tells me of the times in the seventies when calling your family/friends was so expensive, you could hardly do it. it was extremely difficult to be isolated all the time from your peers and family.

i think i have the opposite problem. thanks to social media i am dripping with online contact with my peers and family members. I KNOW TOO MUCH. and the more i would know, the more i would feel sorry for myself.

but here's the problem, i couldn't get off of it.

i deleted the app from my phone, but still couldn't get off on the computer.

i was sure i would miss something if i didn't check Facebook multiple times a day.

and so, in a moment of desperation and a need for intervention i threw up my hands and said, "That's it!" and i did something that sounds crazy,

i made my husband change my password. and not tell me what it was.

now i log onto Facebook (or should i say, Ty does) once a week or so and check to see if there are messages or notifications from friends/family.

confession: the first few days were HARD. can you say "withdrawals?" say it with me: "With dra wals"

and now? It's wonderful! i love it! every time i log on i announce to Ty, "I didn't miss anything!!" haha. and i'm happier at home, with my own things to do and news to hear. guess what? if it's important, someone will call me or text me. or even EMAIL ME. i know right? people still email. who knew?

anyways, if you've had a problem with Facebook, which i'm sure you haven't. i'm sure i'm the only stay at home mom spending too much time on the computer. but just in case you were looking for a solution, try what i did.

i'm not guaranteeing it will last. but it sure has been nice these past few weeks. i've loved hearing things firsthand from people, instead of reading about it online. face to face really is the way it was all meant to be. and yes, i still blog and read other's blogs. but i'm not going cold turkey, social media is absolutely wonderful in its own ways. but be warned, it's also addicting as crack (not like i would know, i've just heard that rumor)

*lately i've been praying to have a better work ethic at home. it's so, so, so easy for me to just read a book instead of CLEAN MY HOUSE. gah, i'm in a constant cycle.  i often think of my Grandma's work ethic, and our other grandmas. enjoy this vintage gem of a photo:
Grandma Gold, my mom, and nakey aunt linda
  Panama, 1942 

*looking for a good spiritual talk? this one was a definite keeper

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Anonymous said...

You're not the only one ;) I took a different approach. I deactivated for about a month. It was rediculous how hard it was to not want to log in and "keep up". At the end of a month I reactivated my account and set the same rule for myself to log on once a week only. I too realized that there wasn't much I was missing. It feels nice to be freed from that need to know. I'll has to remver the husband password trick if I come across needing and intervention again :)

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