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my reading habits are sporadic with novels. i'm either in a frenzy, reading one after the other or i have a dry spell. i'm always on a lookout for a good book, and i usually find one that i'm in the "mood" for. some weekends it's fluff that i need, other times i'm ready for a good historical non-fiction, or a historical romance. yes, i really enjoy historical novels.

anyways, the days have been pleasantly warm, but not too hot and i've let the kids take late naps and skipped cleaning to revel the loveliness of just "being" outside without the need of a pool or water in some form or another.

we just read this book for our book club. i'm not a huge young adult novel fan, and i also had food poisoning while reading it, so i will just say this. i enjoyed it, and i didn't enjoy it all at the same time.  it was witty, and funny, agnostic and tragic all at once. i'm glad i read it, the writing was very interesting, the end.

but this, this was a gift of a novel. there are few books where i say, it impacted my life and this one did. it was, as i told joshlyn, who graciously gives me wonderful books to borrow, " hauntingly beautiful". i recommend it as a read to any woman/mother. i really just love when a woman is written well, hallelujah!

anne morrow lindbergh led a fascinating life, and this historical fiction captured it well. being a woman is a wonderful contradiction to me, it's full of beauty and sacrifice, and i love learning about other mother's stories.
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in case you were wondering, you will always find a baseball biography or autobiography in our bathroom. hint, it's not mine.

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Jed Wheeler Family said...

Now we need to read "Gift from the Sea."
I feel so purposeful when I recommend a winner of a book. I knew you would like it!

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