seen and heard

life is full to the brim of summer around here. soggy swimsuits draped over the shower rod, damp towels drying in the laundry room. swimmer's ear drops on the counter and mac n' cheese for lunch every darn day. we watch too much tv, and try to sleep in (rodney isn't getting the memo). we haven't TOUCHED the piano in weeks and i'm perfectly fine with the break from everything.

ty is gearing up for scout camp and trying to recover every night from working in the heat all day. speaking of heat, auggie the doggie will do anything to nap on the tile inside the back door after it reaches over 101*. ha, lightweight. but his sad eyes work most afternoons: bonus, he eats all the crumbs there and in the laundry room!

phoebe is a little too adventurous in the pool 
the girls love finding and monitoring nests around the property
most mornings around here look like this if you are a 3 year old
my favorite quote: "wook! separatists!"  
'dumb dog', that's what i call him all day. ty prefers "augustus"
(he likes me most of all, go figure)
i've caught several moments of lucy voluntarily playing with rodney, 
makes all the hard moments worth it
i've had a few opportunities to love and mug on little babies lately. 
guess what? baby fever CURED for now. haha, more on that later.


Cathy said...

Do you have a pool at your house? Looks like fun summer days.

Annie Leavitt said...

Nope Cathy, we are lucky we can swim at my parent's house :)

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