glorious things

life is still going on here, even though it's not manifest on the blog. i had a wonderful and meaningful discussion with the two costco checkout ladies about weddings and marriage and how people make it work. it's my parents 50th wedding anniversary this week and you cold tell by the looks of my purchases that we are celebrating, hence the discussion. we all agreed that marriage (and LIFE) is hard, it has ups, it has lots of downs, and i think the key is keep putting one foot in front of the other. even if that day, or that moment, you can only move it an inch.

we have to remember our goals, our beliefs and that through consistent small efforts, there are glorious things ahead for us in our marriages, in our personal lives, in our friendships, in our futures.

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lehman's cave

the Leavitt family had a mini reunion last week and it was a blast. we all headed up north out of the heat to camp and visit Lehman's caves. i probably sounded like a broken record, but up there in the aspen and pine trees i feel at home. and i couldn't stop commenting about it! camping up above 5,000 feet takes me back to camping as a young girl and i treasure those memories.

the kids were awesome. super great travellers and campers. there was a small 3 minute moment when rodney had a night terror because of lack of sleep and then i threatened to murder phoebe if she woke him up again. whoops.  lucy helped them all explore the little creek and grandpa took them fishing and shooting. they saw two beaver dams and that was the highlight as far as creatures came.

lehman's cave is a MUST SEE in Nevada. i have been to a fair share of caves and this one was amazing. besides being the largest one in nevada the hour tour was entertaining and memorable. even Rodney behaved the entire time. milestone!

we ate smore's galore and had a wonderful time, i LOVE camping so much. (Just not the clean up)
 grandpa leavitt is the best shooting guide ever, ever ever.
rod has a gallery gun that shoots mini 22's bullets. it sounds like a little "puff" in the air.
 perfect for kids learning.
 some got more into it than others, scary.
 watching rod with rodney was the cutest thing in the world.
 checking their target 

 in the middle earth
 the girls soaked up every bit of info

our guide was funny and quirky all at once. he's been a ranger their for 20+ years and he loves it.
 why do we even try? SMILE TY.
 i don't know who was more scared of whom
 baker, nv is a quaint little town full of unhygienic hippy artists.
we were just bitter because they didn't serve ice cream

all in all it was a great trip. i highly suggest Lehman's cave if you are in NV or UT


end of summer thoughts

the other afternoon i shuffled around the house doing the afternoon dash, pick up toys, think about dinner (again) harp on the kids to get off the tv/computer and help out. i was also exhausted. i've been waking up at 5am for my workouts and i didn't get a power nap so by 4pm i'm running on empty. this is when i wonder why i don't guzzle diet coke? the jolt would be appreciated right about now, but it has and always will taste like butt to me.

the list in my head about what needs to get done and what i have left to do is overwhelming. laughable to some, but for some reason it feels just like i said, overwhelming. the weeks are flying by and the days drag on. before school starts i'm trying to move the girls all into one bedroom, buy all the school supplies, organize the bedrooms and toys (AGAIN), take a huge load to charity and plan a farewell for my parents. Yes, my parents are going on a service mission for our church to Guatemala for 24 months! They leave in just a short 3 weeks also.
We went camping last week and it took me 5 days to clean up. I hope you feel better about yourself now.

while i figure out how to finish everything up, here are a few short links of some great stuff i read this week via the world wide web:

give me gratitude or give me debt: look around at your house and see it with gratitude

a look into depression. a good friend posted his link, granted i'm not a huge hockey fan like her but this was a great article to read if you have a hard time understanding mental illness. my depression comes and goes as it pleases, i'm lucky that it is always mild.

this short video is great for a family home evening lesson and to show to your kids. we have watched it dozens of times, it's a simplified version of the truth about sugar and our society.

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