end of summer thoughts

the other afternoon i shuffled around the house doing the afternoon dash, pick up toys, think about dinner (again) harp on the kids to get off the tv/computer and help out. i was also exhausted. i've been waking up at 5am for my workouts and i didn't get a power nap so by 4pm i'm running on empty. this is when i wonder why i don't guzzle diet coke? the jolt would be appreciated right about now, but it has and always will taste like butt to me.

the list in my head about what needs to get done and what i have left to do is overwhelming. laughable to some, but for some reason it feels just like i said, overwhelming. the weeks are flying by and the days drag on. before school starts i'm trying to move the girls all into one bedroom, buy all the school supplies, organize the bedrooms and toys (AGAIN), take a huge load to charity and plan a farewell for my parents. Yes, my parents are going on a service mission for our church to Guatemala for 24 months! They leave in just a short 3 weeks also.
We went camping last week and it took me 5 days to clean up. I hope you feel better about yourself now.

while i figure out how to finish everything up, here are a few short links of some great stuff i read this week via the world wide web:

give me gratitude or give me debt: look around at your house and see it with gratitude

a look into depression. a good friend posted his link, granted i'm not a huge hockey fan like her but this was a great article to read if you have a hard time understanding mental illness. my depression comes and goes as it pleases, i'm lucky that it is always mild.

this short video is great for a family home evening lesson and to show to your kids. we have watched it dozens of times, it's a simplified version of the truth about sugar and our society.


Cathy said...

I feel your pain. Maybe you should look into Coke Zero though. It doesn't taste anything like butt.

Chandra said...

Camping was so fun and easy when there was just two of us. Now I have to remind myself that camping is worth it, even if I pack for 2 days and unpack for 5. Your parents are going to Guatemala! How exciting!

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