updaterific and spiritual message

guess what? ANOTHER FLOOD. Here is Ty and our friend Darren making lemonade out of lemons and having some fun after sandbagging all night and working all day to keep the water out of the Meeks' house:
I know, our poor little valley is just getting hit from every possible side.

but, it was phoebe's birthday
and ty's birthday
and a lot of wonderful in-between, like my pants finally buttoned after SIX MONTHS
But all that matters is that we are happily (most days) making our way through each and every day. 

i've pondered a lot lately about what is most important for my kids right now, and our home, and me, and ty and and...well. Lots of pondering.

I would say the most crucial thing i've figured is what really matters, and what really matters is really quite simple:

* reading scriptures every day (alone and as a family)
* prayer every day (alone and as a family)
* family home evening once a week (as a family we do a fun activity and teach one spiritual lesson)
*attending church every week
*attending the temple as a couple once a month

and that's it really. our lives can get so utterly complicated and full of just, STUFF. 

and that stuff can be awesome things that enrich our lives and we love doing, but in the end, they are still stuff. i think making sure these crucial things happen NO MATTER WHAT and then filling in the gaps with awesome stuff is the only way to help my kids know that God loves them, no matter what. NO matter their choices, (good and bad), their dress size, their family problems, school problems or test scores.


you never know

oh my goodness, this little short clip is for tired mothers everywhere. if you aren't a tired mother then you can skip the entire thing, and drive down to refill your meth prescription. hahaha, oh dear that was awful. seriously though, please watch and know you are amazing, especially the single mothers and military mothers.

moving on, getting ready for my church lesson this month has been daunting. i feel like every topic is especially tailored to humble me to an especially low state. but i do enjoy learning about the process of becoming a better person, each and every day. even if it is two steps forward and one step back (which is always the case for me)

i have a few friends (*fabulous friends i might add) that also teach the same exact lesson every month that i do. it has been wonderful to connect with each of them and share our feelings, experiences with each topic. one such friend shared this talk about self esteem and it is a game changer ladies and gents, GAME CHANGER.  block out 15 minutes of your time and read it instead of perusing Facebook.

have a lovely sabbath day. mwuah!



Gah, i've been neglectful to my sweet baby here. But I have a good excuse, I've been taking care of another sweet baby for awhile and all other projects are on the back burner. Thank goodness I can work out at home because that is the only thing keeping me sane right now!

Our poor friends' house was severely flooded this past week and we are watching baby R during the daytime to help out. Rodney is ok with it now, but I still can't leave him in the room alone with her. hehehe.

My parents are on their mission! 
I dropped them off at 5am at the airport and had a good little cry fest on my way home. Rodney has been the most confused and wanting to play with Grandma and have "popsiples" at her house (and of course play angry birds), but he is doing better. Yesterday he asked, "Momma, are you sad?", and I asked him "sad about what?" and  he said, "Sad that you're mommy isn't here anymore?". bah! Whoever thinks kids don't know what's going on has another thing coming to them.

Here are a few random pictures of life around here lately.
Phoebe started preschool!
She loves to draw and play with our cat at home, I think 4-5 is my favorite age
Daddy has been busy a lot with work and helping out wih the flood, it was nice to have family Movie night again. 
After working out I practice handstands and push ups. Two things I'm not very good at. It's fun to learn new things and see how you can get stronger with just practice.


motivation or mutilation?

many many a time, when i've found myself post partum and not fitting into my clothes, i have looked for motivation to get "in shape".  and several of those times i have made "vision boards" of what i wanted to look like.  judge away my friends, judge away.

the first few times there was nothing at my disposal to the likes of Pinterest or tumblr. Nope, just your friendly Athleta magazine which I would cut apart and paste super buff moms onto my notebook. And at night I would look at them for motivation and then eat an entire bag of peanut m&m's.

I know, I know.

After my ectopic pregnancy 6 months ago I made another one on pinterest in my "secret" board. I didn't even know they had those until one book club night! So I pinned away all of these amazing chiseled 20 year old bodies like this:

and then, again, ate myself into a chocolate oblivion feeling sorry for myself because i have cellulite on my thighs.

i still can't believe i'm writing all of this down.

so, long story short, I got tired of mutilating myself and stopped looking at my vision board. yes, I kept working out EVERY MORNING and i started getting better at my eating.

actually, my eating has never been this good... ever. when i consider what to eat the first thing i think now is, "How will this make me feel tomorrow?". because guess what? 3 monster tacos and a piece of chocolate cake a good squat session does not make.

for me, waiting to exercise until i have lost weight by eating better would be like never going to church until i was 100% with my scripture study and prayers. DUH, it just wouldn't happen. they go together hand in hand for me.

and so, i deleted my inspiration board and i'm eating pretty ok and exercising and my body is changing! i am getting stronger and i feel fantastic!

have I lost weight? nope.
do i fit into all my clothes? nope.
do i care anymore? nope (ok, a little about the clothes because i love them)

i wake up happy and motivated and clear headed.
for years I would wake up groggy, irritated and depressed, just ask my kids.

i'd say i'm doing just fine without wanting to look a certain way. i guess what i'm saying is, if you are always looking at pictures of fit people (or perfect decorated houses, or new cars) and wishing (and eating) yourself sick because it isn't happening, maybe take a break? let go of those dreams of looking like someone else (or having something else) and start a journey of loving and wanting to be YOURSELF and be happy with what you have instead of what you want.

it's really quite liberating.


farewell and family

 we did it! 5 out of the 7 kids made it to get together for om and dad's farewell. so grateful for everyone who made sacrifices to get here.
 i will admit, becoming a great aunt was scary. it felt as though everything needed to sag an extra 2 inches or something (heaven forbid!). luckily baby Will is the CUTEST thing i ever did get to squishy for hours and hours.
 i haven't seen my lucy goose smile like this in a very, very long time. she was in cousin heaven.
 justin was super with cousin tyler, he was willing to lend his finger for any app!
my baby ells bells is all grown up. can't stand it.
 russ and dad, a great picture and photobomb by dj
boy cousin heaven

tyler isn't a huge fan of selfies apparently
 danna did so great with tyler, he was awesome and it really made an impact with my kids being around  him. such a great kid.
grandma and some beautiful granddaughters, annie and emma. it was a great weekend, in 2 years we are shooting for all SEVEN OF US TOGETHER. take note siblings :)


it's golden

mission farewell 2014 (rodney and ty are hiding)
FIFTY years of marriage for my parents today. 50! What an amazing accomplishment.  I'm positive that I have absolutely no clue the obstacles they have overcome and the compromises they have made to make a marriage last for 50 years, but I am grateful for them. My kids have humble examples throughout both of Ty's and my families of strong and lasting marriages.

saturday morning my parents leave for the Missionary Training center for our church in Provo, Utah. After their training for a week they leave for Guatemala city where they will be overseeing dental work for all of the missionaries in Central America and many orphanages in Guatemala.

to say we will miss them is a ghastly understatement, so today i will pretend like i will be able to see them all the time still and not cry into my big, fat pillow. i can say that i'm grateful for modern technology and that we can face time with them every day. i guess it's time for me to brush up on my spanish, because last time i checked it was muy mal.
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