it's golden

mission farewell 2014 (rodney and ty are hiding)
FIFTY years of marriage for my parents today. 50! What an amazing accomplishment.  I'm positive that I have absolutely no clue the obstacles they have overcome and the compromises they have made to make a marriage last for 50 years, but I am grateful for them. My kids have humble examples throughout both of Ty's and my families of strong and lasting marriages.

saturday morning my parents leave for the Missionary Training center for our church in Provo, Utah. After their training for a week they leave for Guatemala city where they will be overseeing dental work for all of the missionaries in Central America and many orphanages in Guatemala.

to say we will miss them is a ghastly understatement, so today i will pretend like i will be able to see them all the time still and not cry into my big, fat pillow. i can say that i'm grateful for modern technology and that we can face time with them every day. i guess it's time for me to brush up on my spanish, because last time i checked it was muy mal.


Chandra said...

50 years!!! Wow. It's always mind boggling to me when someone has been married for longer than I have been alive. I know you'll miss them but what an amazing experience for them.

Cathy said...

So awesome! I'm proud of myself for making it to 16. I can't imagine 50.

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