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Teaching my church lessons helps me so much, I study all month and read other talks about the subject and search the scriptures. God's love is a fascinating topic, whether it is feeling his love, or loving Him, showing God that you love him, or showing that love to others, there really is no end to what you can learn or apply.
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i am grateful for God's love for me, and i am learning how to show him more that i am grateful for him and love him. sometimes i can be a whiny, spoiled little brat. but...i'm a work in progress right?



i've wanted to move the girls into the same bedroom for about a year. i knew that this would be a process, there was no way i could move them and have it work because 1. the room didn't have a functioning closet and 2. they had WAY too many clothes/stuffed animals/stuff.

Ty solved number 1 by building a custom closet shelving unit to my exact specifications. I think I'll keep him.

For number 2 i've been slowly purging things out of my life this past year and it is absolutely glorious. at the beginning of december phoebe and i took an entire car full to donations. i'm talking, all the seats folded down load. i can't describe in words how utterly light and free i felt driving home. it took me 33 years to realize i loathe "stuff". we played our first Christmas music of the season on the way home and it was glorious. the older toys went up into the attic that they don't play with, we have a tub full of baby dolls. sniff...sniff.
the girls have been so good at looking at their clothes with me and deciding what they "Love" and what is just there that they could bless another family with. hand me downs are the absolute best! but...not if you don't actually "need" all of them. how many shirts/coats/jeans does each kid need? we've decided, not a lot actually. we pared down their shoes to 1 pair church, 1 tennis shoe, 1 flat, 1 sandal and 1 boot for winter. We spent a little more $ not the shoes so they will last, and it has been so great!

anyways, enough of the great! and amazing! i'm setting myself up for failure with all of this bragging, but....Ty had to work last Saturday so it was a perfect opportunity to take apart all of the furniture and rearrange the rooms by myself. (ty's left brain does not like the mess/chaos that moving furniture entails).

so, we've tried to have the toy room a bedroom for the 4 years we've been here and it has always looked like this:

yup, chaos.

after letting go of toys we don't cherish and clothes that weren't needed, we ended up with a quaint bedroom with 3 giggly girls and a toy room that is actually getting "Played" in. it's awesome, i'm so happy with it.
No major fights yet, but it's only been a week. Hehe
We've been storing the books in the closet and it was chaos there also. Disheveled, falling off the shelf. Could never find anything, I love seeing them easily on the bookshelf. I'm always surprised at how just looking at books gives me warm fuzzies. 

And the kids have loved playing in their toy room, and BONUS, I can't hear then from the kitchen. You know, just in case I wanted a little peace and quiet. Cough cough. 



i ran into one of my "blog" friends this weekend (hi emily!) and she mentioned reading this thing. she is awesome and updates hers almost daily/weekly, and i was embarrassed that this thing gets neglected so much. it's funny because before this weekend and for the past few months i have been trying to figure out why i don't write on this "blog" as much as i used to. here are the few reasons (ahem, excuses) that i found:

1. i write for whattoexpect.com , that honestly takes up a lot of my writing energy and mojo. also, i have to EDIT those posts, and good gracious editing is worse than sitting through 2 hours with 4 kids of stake conference at church.
2. smart phone, yup, my life has slowly (or rapidly) spiraled into a cone of spending time on my phone instead of documenting our family life and cleaning our house. both important things that easily get pushed out of the way in lieu of trivia crack.
3. honesty. here's the real rub down, i'm (at a fault) an honest person. i will tell you everything that's going on in my life and my children's lives. and honestly, raising children is HARD. and the older they get the challenges are trickier and trickier. marriage is difficult, and the ups are fun and the downs are the worst. i don't have the right, nor do i have a desire to share my children's struggles or my marriage's, and i guess because i can't be completely honest on this thing, i don't write anything. there are so many good, wonderful and funny things that happen on a daily basis at our house, and i do need to write them down. i always have prided myself on not being a "highlight' reel writing over here and sharing everything, so maybe just finding a balance is in order.

it feels like most of the things we are going through are just too much to write down, and so, i don't. like the fact that seeing pregnant women and large families about kills me almost every time lately. and how i've tried to teach zumba again and it isn't working out, and i can't do it and what is wrong with me that i can't just teach ONE class once a week? we don't have many options in our small town for group fitness, (unless 55+) so the guilt of letting everyone down rears it's ugly head.  and i can't, for the life of me, get my eating back on track. the holidays just about slaughtered my clean eating motivation.

but teaching Relief Society every month is an awesome thing right now, i love learning and i love trying to be a better person. auggie the dog isn't humping every single person anymore, just the ones he really likes. i rearranged the kids' rooms and it is AMAZING and bonus! it only took me a year to get it done. no joke. i've been better at dinner planning and that is keeping the kids and ty happy and spring is around the corner, so good things are happening! there is your honesty for today.

and here is a random highlight reel of 2013, before the ectopic pregnancy, lice and everything else that 2014 royally stunk up.


putting away christmas

-i'm proud to announce that just my one tiny trip to the thrift store to donate my unloved decorations in early december left me with empty space in some of my Christmas boxes. What? I didn't have to play tetris to make every single thing fit? Amazing, I tell you what. I bet if I put a little effort into it I could even retire one of the boxes for kid clothing, but let's be honest, no one has the time or energy for that! I just put them up in the attic semi full is all.

-on another note, taking down Christmas means the beginning of my down season. yup, January and February always are tough on me mentally and physically. but i have lots of goals and plans and ready to keep going even if i feel like living in bed with my heating blanket for the next 8 weeks.

-last but not least, my baby graduated up in his Church classes and moved from the baby class to a Sunbeam (3-4yr olds). What?! I cried for a few minutes realizing I didn't have that anymore, it's been 9 years.

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